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bmmb1 said:
Joelcool7 said:

Ever heard that the best time to introduce a new concept is when the last one is still in its prime?

The DS is doing great why not ride that momentum with a new handheld. Also you think Nintendo wasn't aware Sony was working on PSP2, they probubly even knew that Sony planned to release it next winter, they knew if they beat Sony to the punch and released something revolutionary that it would take the market by storm.

I think Nintendo did the smart thing by revealing the 3DS and those high DS hardware sales will continue thanks to continued software support and price cuts. When will Wii2 come? soon enough I'd say it'll be revealed next E3 but Nintendo couldn't release two platforms in the same year now could they, also Microsoft and Sony's next generation platforms aren't ready yet so why jump the gun early and run out of steam by the time the competition is ready.

I agree numbers wise the Wii is in alot more need for a replacement, but the DS is the smart move.

Actually, while the DS sells more hardware, it sells less software. And YOY, it is down much more  than the Wii.

Yah I was refering to hardware. I know that the DS is drying up fast software wise with the exception of Nintendo published titles.


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In hindsight with the sales data, maybe but the outlook will change once DKCR hits. So it is a definitive, no Nintendo was not wrong in one upping Sony's 3D business by showing the world they can do it without glasses at a fraction of the cost during an interactive experience (video games immerse you; movies and television are inherently passive where you receive with no input unless it is a vote on American Idol). There is more at play than a new hand held here, and more to lose for Sony if they cannot put out a glassless 3D television by the time the 3DS hits.

Nah, the DS might continue being supported a while longer after the 3DS is released, there are still quite a lot of titles in development for the system. Also ending the Wii this early after having it become their most successful console yet would damage their reputation, whereas the DS is closing in on it's 6th year.

Anyway i think Wii and DS peaked in software sales so not only 3DS Nintendo need to release next gen home console to make home software frow up again. After the release of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Expect a similar anouncement in March 2011 like they've done with 3DS this year.

I also have a theory as to why 3DS is coming first that has absolutely nothing to do with current sales.

I believe there could be full automatic connectivity between 3DS and Wii2. And by full I mean that I could play MH on 3DS, and if I have the game on the Wii2 as well, they will synchronize anytime they are near, I will be able to continue the game where I left on the Wii2 (and vice versa). Imo such a feature would be really something for the modern gamer, and would be a great incentive for many people to buy both the 3DS and Wii2.

So, Nintendo's plan would be - get a great lineup of games and developers for the 3DS, get lots of people to buy a 3DS, and then close the trap by coming out with a Wii 2 with full connectivity as described, so all the developers on board for the 3DS would have incentive to develop those same games for the Wii2 as well (maybe some already are?...), and gamers would have even more incentive to buy the Wii2 due to its having great 3rd party support and full connectivity with their 3DS...

You read it first here   (ok, I did mention this theory of mine in some other thread several months ago)

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darthdevidem01 said:

I think its because the DS software market has already peaked so its time for a new handheld.

Bingo.  The DS software collapse in Europe was a wake up call.   It's just that now Wii's hitting it's decline too.

No, I think their software choices, both on the 3DS and the Wii are the mistake, but perhaps they may need to end up in third place again to figure it out


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Avinash_Tyagi said:

No, I think their software choices, both on the 3DS and the Wii are the mistake, but perhaps they may need to end up in third place again to figure it out

What do you mean?  Too many "hardcore" choices?  Sorry, can't think of anything else.