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Before I get super-flamed, I'm referring to no one in particular. I'm just wondering if anyone else notices this, that's all.

And now commence with whatever.

If you are talking about nobody, then it must be just your wild imagination.

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@Vetteman: Yeah, I realized extreme exaggerations are stupid.

kowenicki said:
postofficebuddy said:

Are you referring to me? Basically the only time I've made that claim recently there was ample evidence to back me up and even Source seems to agree.

how do you figure that The Source agrees...  his post in that thread doesn't say that at all.

Simple math and data extrapolation. Ioi's own statement puts PS3 'Other Americas' (ie. Latin America) at 600k at the end of 2009. Extrapolated that to about 650k-700k by now. The difference between NPD and VGC is 1.7 million which through process of elimination puts Canada at just about a million. Source agrees that Canada is probably at about 1.5 million. And I've mentioned several times that SW sales suggest that Latin America is bigger than that anyway.

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Considering that there was about 2 million difference between shipped and sold at the end of June of course it raises some speculation. We will see what is situation when we got next quarter reports (Sometime during this month?).

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I see it. But not as much right now. 

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Naw its always around the same level of people saying that.

I think that it is somewhat equal for each console (not really for the wii, but mind you it has enough sales ;P), but people tend to see what they want to see (by which I mean how many people think something, etc.)