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d21lewis said:

Coincidentally, last night I decided to clean out some of my magazines (which was a bad idea because now, my game room floor is covered with stacks of old video game magazines.  I didn't throw anything away.  I wound up reading game magazines and watching "The Karate Kid II" for four hours!).  I read about the launch of the Playstation 2, the upcoming Dolphin, how Microsoft had "Moneyhatted" Dead Rising 2 to keep it exclusive, and so many previews of games that wound up sucking or never even released!  Best night, ever!

What stood out was how many spin off magazines that EGM had in it's heyday:

Expert Gamer, EGM2, GMR, Video Game Buyer's Guide, Game NOW, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple more.  In their heyday, EGM was godly!  Slowly but surely, the fall of the magazine industry claimed all of these spin-offs and eventually, EGM itself.  It's great to have them back, though!

-And my plan is to throw away all of my issues of the Official Playstation Magazine, the Official Dreamcast Magazine, PSM, inCite, Next Gen, and GamePro.  Pretty much anything that isn't Game Informer, EGM, or Wizard (the guide to comics). 

Dude, don't get rid of your ODM issues!