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I thought the 1st semester was pretty slow and lackluster,but August/November really made up for it in my opinion....especially during the months of October and November...with titles such as Ratchet & Clank,Drake´s Fortune,Call Of Duty 4,Mario Galaxy,Zack & Wiki (PS3/Wii owner here) I have enough titles to last me till early 2008.....for 360 owners,it must´ve been a superb year....again,especially during the 2nd semester.


P.S....The 1st months of 2008 already look like they´ll be FAR BETTER than this year,with titles such as Devil May Cry 4,Metal Gear Solid 4,Smash Bros,Mario Kart,etc...all promising to hit retailers during the January/April months.

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actually it was too much i have alot of games i still want too get started with but no time:(

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It was good, regardless of which platform you prefer, it was plain good.

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The general consensus is this is the 2nd best year for gaming ever, #1 being 1998.

I'm inclined to agree with that.

Bioshock began this kind of glut of incredibly awesome games, just one after another after another after another. I doubt we'll see anything like this again for a while.

it was the best ever for me in terms of a consumer, since i had never bought so many games in a year

great year there are still many games i wanna get

I'd say '85, '91, '96 and '98 top it, but it looks quite nice as the fifth best year for gaming


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For me it was ok.