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So now that E3 is for your favorite conference

Nintendo 636 64.77%
Sony 286 29.12%
Microsoft 60 6.11%

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Nintendo blew everyone away.

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Microsoft Conference : 1 out of 5

Sony Conference : 3.5 out of 5



Nintendo conference : 6.5 out of 5 !!

Got to go with Nintendo, especially the more I reflect on it. They've skipped ahead of the competition again, I feel. 3DS wasn't even shown properly at the conference (because it couldn't really be) but its impact is already enormous. Even though Sony seem determined to redouble their PSP efforts... I don't think this is going to be anywhere near enough in the face of immense first and third party 3DS support.

As for Wii, plenty of good games without even bringing out the vitality sensor, Xenoblade or Last Story.

Bitmap Frogs said:

Nintendo by large. I mean, both Sony and Microsoft looked like a bunch of low-budget amateurs compared to them.

The other two were on the same level of shittyness but Sony inches away and pulls ahead thanks to GLaDOS.

wow all the other people in the world are saying opposite to this forum ^^

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voted sony because of GT5 release date and twisted metal.

sure Nintendo 3DS is cool and all but i don't like wii games except for zelda that was cool.

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Nintendo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sony >>>>>>>> Microsoft.


Don't need to explain why Nintendo won. GT5 release date, Twisted Metal, and Valve saved Sony from the pits below with Microsoft.

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I missed all three :(

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To be fair... Nintendo had new hardware... while the other two didn't... that automatically is going to push the "Wow" factor off the charts.