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Do you want a 3DS now?

No, I don't care about handhelds. 7 2.71%
No, I've got other devic... 14 5.43%
Yes, Nintendo did an awes... 132 51.16%
Yes, I'm a gadget freak,... 5 1.94%
Yes, Nintendo is my daddy, so I must buy it. 44 17.05%
Yes, because the 3DS will... 56 21.71%

Nope.  I would get one if it had dual analog sticks, but having only one just reminds me of why I sold my PSP.

If developer support is particularly strong (and that looks to be the case), I'll consider it once I see some games that catch my eye.

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I'm buying 3. One for me, one for my sister, one for my brother. I am sold. Ocarina of Time 3D = handheld of the decade. Who cares about motion controls anymore? We have 3D no glasses!

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I really didn't care for the idea, but E3 really sold this to me. I will be buying this. With such an incredible lineup, it is an insta-buy.


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Yeah. But of course price is a factor too. But of course I want it.


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You need another option for price. I am unwilling to shell out $200 for a handheld really. I'd like to have one, but they have to price it reasonably. I am not going to pay the same for a hand-held that I would for a home console. Not until I see sufficient evidence that games get equal treatment rather than hand-helds getting much shorter games.

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HELL YES! I need me some Pilot Wings, Mario Kart, and Zelda OOT in 3D!

I bet even Bungie is interested in developing a game for this.  Hell yeah, I'm already saving up for this.

I hate the 3DS SO MUCH for getting all the support that Wii needed

I want one so bad though! XD

i can't beleive they put Paper Mario on it! it's a console series for goodness sake, Mario & Luigi is the handheld series!! D:

i just saw a whole bunch of screens of 3DS games, it's getting so much 3rd party support it's sickening. it's getting a KH, a Metal Gear, an Assassin's Creed, a Resi Evil game and so many others... Wii got none of that :(

i'm so mad i'm getting it first day! >_<

famousringo said:
JEMC said:

I'm really more interested now, but thre's still a lot of things that we don't know... PRICE, for example.

Yeah, that's a big unknown right now. Nintendo seems to have been testing the price waters with the DSi and DSi XL, to see if the DS can sustain sales even at a $200 price tag. So far it has, and I don't think the 3DS will cost less than that at launch. I don't think it'll go much higher than that, though. Maybe $230, but I don't think Nintendo wants to push $250 with it.

Interesting poll results. Nobody has dared to say that they don't want one, and nobody cites the whiz-bang 3D tech as the primary reason for wanting one.

200 $/€ seems the better bet, considering that the Wii costs that... altought I can see Nintendo charging 250 $/€ with a bundled game, Kid Icarus for the "hardcore" and Nintendogs Cats for the "casuals"?  

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I dont plan on getting one unless games stop coming for the dsi. Or if there is a really good deal on one.