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Forums - Website Topics - Site riddled with Viruses...AGAIN?

NintendoTogepi said:

I'm using Firefox 3.

Firefox 3 refuses to let me go to any page besides the main page or the forum & posts.

I haven't noticed any problems with the forums though, other then me having to keep the site muted to prevent ads going "HELP ME" and "CONGRATULTIONS YOU HAVE WON A FREE APPLE IPHONE", but I think I'm gonna have to stop visiting.

What folders can I check to find the virus programs?

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I've had those. That's why I only visit the site when I have access to a computer that has super firewall and virus protection, and never on when I'm at home. :)

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Yeah I have the same issues here. The site will try and direct me to a page to "cleanse" my system of viruses. Which means if you actually fell for it your system would be full of trojans and spyware. Also occasionally the site will damn near lock up my laptop start playing several different songs at once, which is really weird. As soon as I either shutdown Firefox or managed to redirect it to another website, the issues immediately go away.

I had these problems before ioi moved servers. It appeared to have been fixed when he improved the site recently but I am obligated to use ABP regardless.

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I did those add-on's for firefox that was posted a while back. I think it was No-Script, AdBlock Plus, and one other one I can't remember the name of. After I installed those, I've had absolutely no trouble with this kinda stuff anywhere on the web. No-Script seems to be most effective.

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I have the same problem. (today and other days since two weeks), but my program who want to install himself has a french name. I forget the name, but it's certainly the same program, you speak in his french version.

i had the same problem but it doesn't happen anymore, usually get no pop ups

nope those problems havent happened to me

I've also had this problem with the site too in the last couple of weeks.  It has probably happened 3 or 4 times.  Like others have said, it brings up another site and tries to install some crap.  It hasn't ever happened back to back though and it doesn't happen every single time.

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