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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are the most popular games that you've never played?

There are lots of games that get a ridiculous amount of hype these days, and I feel kind of bad for never playing most of them. What are some popular games that you hear about all the time, but never had the chance to play?

 For me it would be:

1. Gears of War

2. Dead Rising

3. God of War

4. Any GTA game after GTA3

5. Pokemon Diamond or Pearl

6. Spyro

7. any Rainbow Six game

8. any Virtua Fighter game

9. Luigi's Mansion

10. Super Mario Galaxy

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Halo 3 , SMG , MP3 ... and probably many more :(

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^ as above 1-5 -7/8

Any Tony hawks (excluding DS)
Any football game (excluding Mario Strikers)
Any wrestling game
Any Halo
Any Splinter Cell
Any car racing game (because basically I'm crap at them)

My son plays all of these but they bore me shitless!

Sometimes wonder why I bother playing games there are so many I hate and don't want to play!


And the worst game ever created...>THE SIMS!

any Halo (I may have played 1 round of the original)
any stealth game (I may have played a demo for MGS 2)
and Xbox exclusive
any Metroid Prime
any non-GBA Mario game
any Wii game other than Wii sports
any non-GBA main Nintendo franchise
anything before PS1

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GOd of War 1&2 though I watched my roomate beat it, didnt find it interesting enough
Zelda (any one past the 16 bit era)
Pretty much any acclaimed PS2 game(I have a sealed PS2 slim in my closet though)
Warhawk(if I were to get a free PS3 I would buy this immediatley)
Ninja Gaiden, I have a bootleg of this but never played it.
Pretty much any big RPG released after the 16 bit era including FF7(too time consuming), excluting Shenmue and Paper Mario.
Any 3D fighter that is acclaimed, I hate 3D fighters
Any good PSP games(if there are any) cause I pretty much strictly use my DS and all of its great games.
World Of Warcraft
Any GTA game after 3, cause I thought 3 was boring and gave up quickly. I must admit San Andreas looked really fun.
Any acclaimed FPS except HL1/2 and its extensions.(Single player FPS's bore me to tears)
Call of Duty 4, though I may buy it through Steam.

Probably a lot is too short for so many games.

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Franchises I've missed out on

Smash Brothers
Final Fantasy
Mario Kart
Donkey Kong
Everything exclusive to Xbox, Snes, N64, Gamecube, Saturn, Dreamcast
Just about everything on PC


Only game I can think of in a hurry.

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Metal Gear Solid Series

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