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Not a reason to bother with one. I have way more than enough Wii and DS games with more on the way to keep me busy. Only a few of the HD games appeal to me anyways and they are not appealing enough for me to bother with at the current prices for games and a console, if ever. I could go one for a few paragraphs about why I do not have one, but I do not see the need to risk being banned for my reasons.

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I was going to get a PS3 when i was hyped about FF13, but then after i saw numerous reviews and read things i didn't like about the game i decided to save my money and waste it on upcoming Wii and DS titles. I'll probably get one if FFversus13 proves to be the FF i've been waiting for this generation.

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No reason to buy one really. Most of the good (10m+) games this gen are on the Wii. There are many innovative games from Nintendo that take up most of my play time and are fun to play with friends who don't usually like playing games. I see no need to buy a last generation console with better graphics, especially when both Sony and MS feel inclined to rip off Nintendo's ideas over and over. I'm a mature gamer so I don't want to play shooters, sports, or crappy rhythm games. With virtual console the Wii has a better library than any other console, so I don't understand why people pay more money for their console just to play less games. Local multiplayer is where it's at, so I don't care about online play because I have friends.

I was thinking about getting a ps3 for a media centre, but it sucks for even that because you can build a HTPC that does that better. 

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3 reasons actually:

1. money...obviously. i plan on getting a job soon though. even then most of that money will go towards wii games.

2. time, i have a depressingly long backlog of games.

3. i got these parents that seem to hate the idea of me having more than 1 system. even if it is my own money.

HOWEVER, i am looking at a 360 later this year since i may have the money, regardless of my parents or my time. though i wouldnt spend as much money on it as my wii, i have some games ikn mind that im just iching to try, especially since my PC graphics card sucks.


Well I have all three, but the Wii was my 1st console in this gen and I stick by that decision... it has the better library of the type of games I enjoy and also has the most new experiences in gaming, some I like (Wii Sports Resort) and some fall flat IMO (Wii Fit), but atleast the options are out there.

I bought a PS3 mainly for Blu-ray and the fact that Sony was phasing out PS2 BC. I never bought it for next gen software since it completely blew back then, but it has made some big strides since I originally purchased it. Uncharted 2, LBP, Modnation Racers to name a few.

I got the 360 just for Xbox Live to play games with my friends. To this date I still feel it's a little anemic on compelling software. This may be more a function of the fact that I care little for shooters and sandbox I'm sure something like Red Dead is great, but I'm not going to rush out and grab it.


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Because Zelda, Mario and Metroid. The only console with these games is Wii. HD consoles have great games, but I like Nintendo franchises. There's no game on HD consoles that caught me like Twilight Princess or Metroid Other M.

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Because the graphix for them suck!!!

I'm buying a PS3 in the future because of Resident Evil 5. No games currently catch my attention but I guess ill play demos to see which ones I like.
Damn you Wii for not having demos!!

Because someone named Gilgamesh keeps on spamming my PSN message box with p0rn. :/ And the 360 has no games of course. :P

i got an HD Console called the ps3.. but i don't use it for games much, its my media Hub