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my favorite character is...

Mario! Why? Because Mario has been the face of gaming for years and is No. 1 Because his games are always good and are enjoyed by everyone. He is the greatest icon there ever was in my opinion.

So who is your favorite video game character? Pictures to go long with would be apprieciated.

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are you asking favorite videogame character? or Icon, cause I don't know if my character's an icon

thelifatree said:
are you asking favorite videogame character? or Icon, cause I don't know if my character's an icon

Whoever you want to pick that has some relation to gaming it doesn't matter :)  

mine has got to be Chrono the man stands for what a good jrpg should be

I am no good at grammar =) 

DAMN IT! This EP is such a good idea 

Especially after reading the novels, Master Chief is one of my favorite characters overall not just videogame icon.

oh and just to blow your mind a little bit

yea thats a tattoo 


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All-time: Mario of course.
Runners-up: Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Link, Sonic

Right now: Commander Video (from the BIT.TRIP games)
Runners-up: The King of All Cosmos (from the Katamari games)

I love Commander Video because he's kind of doing what Mario did. All his games are completely different genres, but have the same art style, music style, and personality. And they're all really fun in different ways. So I'm starting to trust this guy a lot now, in the same way I trust Mario.

I love the King of All Cosmos because he's the best dresser in video game history, and when he gets drunk he accidentally destroys the whole universe and makes his kids put it back together while he's sleeping off his hangover.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Ever!

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Pre cube/ps2/xbox era

The DK countries were soo much fun, and DK 64 was truly a gem imo. He's far more versatile then Nintendo gives him credit for. Since then, well we just won't talk about that...

Any single game

Glitch from Metal Arms. He may not be recognizable for many gamers, but he's dear to my gaming experience. His assortment of weapons are innovative and fun. Don't let the cute small stature fool you, he'll kick some metal chassy.


2 "icons" I wish would make a comeback. DK likely will within the next couple of years. Glitch probably never will, leaving him without a muh deserved sequel.




Good choices everybody.

@thelifatree I'm still waiting to see your pick.

@Mendicate Bias is that your tattoo?

My honorable mention would be Pac-Man he ruled the arcades back in the day.

In a broad sense...

From a personal standpoint...