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SCEA working on new zombie game for PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment America is filming a trailer for a new game – a game featuring zombies. According to a post on the PlayStation.Blog, the PS3 developer is looking for twenty San Francisco participants to appear in the game trailer as zombies on May 15 and 16.

To qualify, you must send your name, date of birth (must be at least 18), phone number, zip code, height, a photo of your face, and a photo of your full body to this e-mail by May 12 at 11:00pm PST. If you’re in, you’ll get contacted the next day.

Sure, the contest is interesting, but what’s more interesting is that Sony is working on a new zombie game. Searching the comments, the replies from David Bull, Product Marketing Specialist at SCEA, suggest the game is a new PlayStation 3 title.

One comment hoped: “please may it be a PS3 only game”, where Bull responded with the simple quote: “It only does everything!” It looks like this won’t be a humorous zombie game, either – where another comment said “I sure hope this won’t be a humoristic game,” Bull replied “We won’t disappoint you.”

Sony registered a trademark, as well as a web domain, for a game named Until Dawn just recently. E3’s next month. Perhaps we’ll see a formal reveal at the press conference?


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I think the trailer they are shooting is for Dead Nations that they announced at the last E3. Its a Zombie game thats exclusive to PSN and is being made by the Super stardust HD creators.

Is this the game Insomniac are developing?

Rockstar: Announce Bully 2 already and make gamers proud!

Kojima: Come out with Project S already!

Ripe for Red.


PS3 needs its own Zombie game.

Maybe they bought rights to that... was it... Dead Island? We saw it ages ago but nothing since then.



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I hear its called "Abandoned to Die".

I'm hoping this is Lock & Key.

Rockstar: Announce Bully 2 already and make gamers proud!

Kojima: Come out with Project S already!

Nice :) E3 should have at least some info on this

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Hope its not a PSN title

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Dupe thread but I would prefer to keep this one open since this one isn't full of fail in the OP.