Forums - Nintendo Discussion - No More Heroes has the best damn cat in all of gaming!

Well it better have, since it's the reason we don't have the game already..

Once you get No More Heroes, you may want to pay particular attention to one section of the game. When in the room of Travis, the main character, you have the chance to interact with a cat. Apparently, Suda didn't like the cat's motion at first, and his staff had to spend two months working on that small area of the game before he would approve.

Just think. If Suda had let the cat's animation slide a bit, No More Heroes might have arrived in Japan back in October and just made it out to to America in time for Christmas. That had better be one impressive cat!



(yes, this thread is a joke. stop looking at me like that!)

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Actually if you look at TLoZ: TP the cat at the beginning is rendered better then everything in the game.

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 I love cats. :)

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Any idea if Famitsu has reviewed it yet? I'm really curious how it's been received over in Japan.

I thought the dog was cool on Zelda: TP but this cat better live up to the hype.

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Holy pussies, Batman! This thread is suddenly all about cats!

heh, i saw that owl cartoon. it was great.

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it got a 9889 in Famitsu


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OnE3nD said:
it got a 9889 in Famitsu

 (I'm sick and feverish) so when I read that I assumed you were making a more then 9000 joke LOL

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Hmm... you didn't mention Mr.M

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