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Will you buy a 3DS?

100% YEAH! 123 55.41%
Maybe. I'll have to wait for the E3 2010 74 33.33%
No 25 11.26%

If there is a staple Nintendo game on it, or some awesome port/remake or other bit of 3rd party awesomeness, then yes.

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I take one whatever the price is , 3D is really awesome

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1000% yes. I'll be sleeping outside the day before the release.

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Well I was going to get a DSi since my LR Shoulder buttons don't work anymore, but after hearing the announcement for the 3DS. Well I decided to wait. It will pretty much be a DSi with upgraded graphics and storage. I'm not saying it will be leaps and bounds better, but for me no reason to get a DSi now then a 3DS later. Though it's going to be a long wait before coming to NA.

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V-r0cK said:
ph4nt said:
I will probably wait for the 3ds lite.

You dont want to wait for the 3DSi or 3DSi XL?

No, its ok. 3DS will be slimmer than DSi but smaller than XL, not much smaller though. It will look, very appealing quote me on this. Oh and I will buy one.


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No I will not. I am done with Nintendo handhelds.

And OP, are you YesWiiCan?

No I will not. I am done with Nintendo handhelds.

And OP, are you YesWiiCan?

Of course.

Yup, but I may wait the zelda release.