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Lol, I think they'll survive without PGR and Halo after Reach is out. Its not like they don't have any other games on their system. The MS 1st party situation might not be the best right now but the 360 has by far received the best 3rd party support this gen next to the DS, which more than makes up for it.

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MS by no means is doomed so lets get that out of the way, But letting these developers go is a low blow to us 360 owners

We Need more exclusive games Microsoft, So why not reorganize yourselves and build up new IP's because Im afread when your new console comes out I and others supporters wont be buying it

It feels like your threads are revoling around negativity for the 360 ever since bungie said they are going to make a game for all consoles.

Or maybe it's just me.. anyhow, I think it wont matter since all the games are on XBOX 360 regardless, HALO AND PGR are still exclusive to 360 regardless too.



It is interesting to wonder about next generations, say the big publishers were to get together like the movie studios did with Blu-ray vs HDdvd.. They know one platform is better for the industry, just like in movies - and they may seek it. Money talks. If Activision/EA/Ubi/Taketwo gang together decide to make it a one console generation - obviously MS would be in trouble if this happened, as far as keeping a new console afloat. The GOOD remaining independent developers would have MS by the balls for exclusivity contracts - in which they'd have to still outbid Sony (and possibly a coalition of publishers against them.) There's enough money in winning for Sony to push the bidding up.

Sony has a vast array of developers that could possibly even keep the platform alive on its own, which puts them in the best position should this scenario unfold. They may make publishers partners in the profits of PS4, just like blu-ray. Sony will make their case.


wow some people have some very big imaginations in this thread.bluray vs hddvd,one platform and sony get the benefits.hmmmmm?does not compute.

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Halo is kinda being milked. YOu can call out Nintendo but they usually do one or two Marios and Zeldas per console. I wouldnt call that milking. 360 is in the middle of its life cycle and there have already been 4 Halos. The fact that they have very little exclusive IPs under there belt makes them look even more milking. At least Ninty has other IPs to distract people. Halo isnt as bad as Tomb Raider, now that was milking.

This article fails, the author says Microsoft has lost PGR and Halo. No they haven't just the original developers.

Microsoft own's both IP's and I have a pretty good hunch that Turn 10 is developing the next PGR and will most likely be anounced at E3.

I guess Lionhead isn't a notable first party studio then, right?

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Let's not forget all of MS' new 1st party studios:

Firebird Studios (Unannounced game + helping other devs)
Spawnpoint Studios (Unannounced Natal game)
343 Industries (Halo franchise)
BigPark (Joy Ride)
Xbox Live Productions (XBLA games)
Rare Birmingham

They also seem to have good relations with these devs:
Ruffian Games
Epic Games

And then there's Lionhead Studios and Turn10. Both studios have been hiring new devs for a while now.

Sure.. Microsoft Game Studios have a long way to go before they can be compared to Nintendo or Sony. However, it is not like MS' 1st party situation is horrible or anything like that.

JaggedSac said:
This article could have been from 2007 for all intents and purposes.