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O-D-C said:
that dosn;t make them lazy, it was a design choice to allow the story to be paced better.

This just about covers that.

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Another failed attempt...

I think the sandbox candy will be in Alan Wake 2.

I did not know it was supposed to be a sandbox, lazy developers. Jeez rewrite the story to get it to work.

Thanks, CGI.

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richardhutnik said:
Porcupine_I said:
What is this? No wall of text?

I suppose the OP is too lazy to write a proper post!

Well, since people pay for videogames....

and developers are supposed to be lazy.

And you didn't pay for the original post,

I guess that means you got more than you usually pay for from me.

In short, you got laziness, but it didn't cost you, meaning my post is worth more than what you pay for from videogames.


ohhh, you think you are sooo clever aren't you?

but two can play that game!

give me your account information, i will pay you for being lazy and then i'll complain again with a reason!

we will see who gets the last laugh!

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chapset said:

you know who's lazy?

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