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... Deadly Premonition was able to work in a sandbox.  People like to throw the word "lazy" around regarding developers who don't fully deliver.  Well, Alan Wake was supposed to exist in a sandbox, and the developers couldn't get it to work, BUT the developers of Deadly Premonition got their game to work in a sandbox environment.  So, due the the fact the word "lazy" flows around here like water, shouldn't people be calling the Alan Wake developers lazy also?

Or maybe we should stop using the word "lazy" all the time?

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Does anyone have a giant "rolleyes" .gif handy?


Sandbox was the downfall of Deadly premonition to me. 15 hours in I lost patience cause i have to wait for certain times and events. Great game still though...I wish you could just do the missions without sandbox.

So is there a point or are you just ranting/trolling?

There don't appear to be any skirts in the game, so I'm going to have to agree. Remedy Entertainment are lazy developers.

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It wasn't from a technical perspective they couldn't get it to work. They couldn't get it to 'work' from a storytelling and pacing perspective.

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it not only a lot of work to do it sandbox stile is also more expensive and this kind of games are not as popular as shooters so they cant go around pumping money into them, look at dead space is a great game but it sold much less than one of those popular FPS titles.

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that dosn;t make them lazy, it was a design choice to allow the story to be paced better.

It's much easier and often better to tell a story in a chronological manner this way. The game will probably be more polished this way as well.

Remedy are good developers.

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