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The town of Brawlsville was peaceful, in a sense. All of its residents could fight each other to their content, it was an excellent way to blow off steam from saving princesses, defeating evil overlords, racing, or just doing whatever. But, one fateful day, they struck. The Subspace army swooshed down from the heaves and started their evil mission: to plunge Brawlsville into Subspace. The only way they could effectively fight these citizens, is to blend in among them. They will take over the town from the inside!

The poor citizens of Brawlsville were now in the midst of anarchy, who was who?



-If someone role claims they will turn into a vanilla townie. I won't announce it (to keep from immediately giving death sentences to false-role claims) but, so you know, your role is over from that point on. Now, I'll go ahead and draw the line to what is considered a role claim:

"Bjorn is innocent." - Not a role claim

"I investigated Bjorn and he's innocent." - That’s pushing it, but I'll allow it depending if it's too specific or not

"Guys, I'm the cop, I investigated Bjorn last night and he's innocent." - You ain't no cop no more, boy! >:]

It's a little experiment, to get people to think, let's see how it goes.

-Since there's so many night roles (like in, everybody) there's gonna be a deadline for the night time. It depends according to what day it is. On weekends the deadline will be more lenient, because weekends are always dead.

-You can edit as long as there's a clear "edit" at the bottom of the post signifying what you changed. You can't change what you said, so the edit is only for smaller things; like corrections or adding things previously left out.

Finally, there's no telling if the game is balanced enough, it looks like it can turn in any direction. So just have fun, 'kay?


  • dsister44(Tanstalas)
  • trangentspree(hatmoza)
  • KingFate, - (Link)
  • Nikells - (Wario),
  • supermario128,
  • stefl1504 - (Captain Falcon)
  • SciFiBoy, - (Spying Primid that likes Scopes)
  • dtewi (vetteman94), -(Big Primid who likes plays with Fire)
  • TruckOSaurus,
  • SuperAdriank - (Ancient Minister)
  • theRepublic,
  • Falcon095, - (Mario)
  • Final-Fan.
  • The Roles of statufied Brawlers: (not exactly the same as original PMs)


    • Captain Falcon – One wrong turn in an inter-galactic highway can land you in a weird place. Damn it! You arrive in a strange town see it in trouble, you decide out the kindness of your heart to help along, or is it because the baddies took all the fuel? Doesn't m <script src="../tinymce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js" type="text/javascript"> atter...

    Day – You vote to lynch Subspace Minions, if you manage to stay, you win with the town.

    Night – You tell me twice if you don't want to drive your Blue Falcon.

    Blue Falcon – You just want to get out of this town, so you hop on your Blue Falcon and just ride along to find and exit! Sometimes, you’re so homesick you have a little too many beers at the bar before you hop in your ride, if this happens, you may just run over someone. Whoops. They will get killed.

    When you’re not drunk, you ride in your car (being night kill immune) and then each night you move closer to escaping. You chances increase 25% each time (four times 'till escape). You may choose not to go on a ride, twice. If you escape this town, you win.

    If you run over someone it doesn't increase your chance of escaping.


    • Wario – A brand new business opportunity! That’s what brawlsville is to ya, with so many coins just lying around, you‘re bound to get rich in no time!  But there’s some kind of evil lurking in this place, are they after your money!? No, it’s your money!

    During the day you vote for the Subspace Army members.  You win with the town.

    Wario-Man:  The caped crusader! Under this disguise you will keep baddies away from your precious coins! Every night you can go and save the money! But, Brawlsville has excellent, strong citizens. They will hound you if you break in. You always try to go for two houses; each of the residents will follow you. If one resident is targeted by a night kill, the other one gets affected. (Bus Driver)

    You’re gonna have to tell me which two people’s homes you’re gonna rob.


    • Link- You are Link! You traveled all the way from your home in Hyrule, to theses strange lands in search of your nemesis, Ganondorf!

    You win when Ganondorf is no more. During the day you vote, during the night, you hunt!

    Triforce Slash – Every night you target someone, you perform a Triforce slash as an attack, but if the person is not ganondorf, your special move fails, it will only kill Ganondorf.

    Navi – your trusty sidekick! You can choose her to give you essential information on other characters, but be wary, if you use her too much her shrilly voice will get in your head. Poor navi may end up with an arrow stuck through her blue body. (Use up to two times)


    • Ancient Minister – The leader of the Subspace army, or… second in command (or is it third?) Your orders are to take this new land, Brawlsville, into the magnificent Subspace.  You will wipe anything out that stands between this town and subspace!

    Day – you try to mislynch an innocent Brawler. You win when you and your buddies make up at least 50% of the town.

    Night -  You choose the nightkill with your buddies, you are the one who chooses who does the killing.

    Attack – You command your force to wipe out one resident a night. You command one of your goonies to wipe them out; you can’t get your hands dirty. You’re so clean, that no one will suspect you’re true intentions, not even a cop. 


    • Spying Primid that likes Scopes – You are a soldier of the Subspace Army! There are countless soldiers, but only you and your partners are in charge of taking over this town.

                    During the Day you vote. During the night you may PM your buddies and decide who to kill. You win when you and your buddies make at least 50% of the town.

    Scope Ability – Spying is fun, ain’t it? With your trusty scope you can look at anything you want. You may just find out who is who, but there’s still no way to tell what they do…

    Sword ability- This is your weapon of attack. Whenever your commander tells you to do kill someone, you do it with your sword!


    • Mario – Escaping from the Mushroom kingdom, you just want to get away from it all and have some fun! Too bad you are sucked into some more trouble. Mario never rests, it seems...

    Day – You vote you vote to kill the subspace minions. you win with the town.

    Night – you PM me to target someone!

    Paper Mario – You can turn into paper Form and follow someone at night, who knows the important information you can find! If you find anything, you write it down on yourself. “Where was _____ last night? At _______’s house.” (tracker)


    • Big Primid who likes playing with Fire - You are a soldier of the Subspace Army! There are countless with you, but only your partners are in charge of taking over this town.

                    During the Day you vote. During the night you may PM your buddies and decide who to kill. You win when you and your buddies make up at least 50% of the town.

    Big ability- You can bloat up into a big, bubbly Primid. You’re so bouncy now! Anything that happens to you will just bounce off. You can also try to protect your other comrades by standing in front of them.

    Fire Ability- Fire is your favorite weapon. Whenever your boss tells you to attack, you always use fire as your trusty killing utensil. edited something



    • Ganondorf- You are the evil lord, ganondorf! You were banished by the sages in Hyrule, put that won’t stop you! You want to conquer this new land, and wipe out anyone who is in your way!

    You win when you are 50% of the town or when everyone is dead.
    Beast Ganon – This is how you nightkill. Every night you transform into Ganon, and trample your poor prey!
    Control – you can choose to control one player of the game, but they will not realize they are under control. You will get all their information, and you can essentially control their night actions, but, you have to choose between control and beast Ganon every night. If you choose beast ganon, your minion can use their night role as they wish for that night.
    For the players you control, I will randomize a short list of A,B,C, and D. You choose one letter, and that's the player who you will control. If they happen to die in the sama enight, you get one more chance.

    Whenever there is an evil trying to take over the land, there is a boy in a green tunic ready to stand in its way! Every night this young boy will try to stab that evil right in the head. (As in, try to target Ganondorf)



    • Samus – A random Warp Hole landed you in a desolate town in the brink of destruction. You’re so bad-ass you just have to help them.

    Day – you choose to vote for a Subspace Minion. You win with the town.
    Night- Target someone!
    Zero Laser – You have your trusty Power Suit, and once charged shot. After you shoot a target you lose your power suit, which takes away your blaster, and your Night kill immunity. Try to kill some baddies!

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    Excuse my thread changing. I didn't realize if I posted it under the Game Specific Forums it wouldn't show in Off-topic....

    It was Mafia for PC, by the way. Most of the old threads can be found there.  

     Tag (Courtesy of Fkusumot) "If I'm posting in this thread then it's probally a spam thread."                               

    hello again, lol

    Oh yes again.

    I'm going to go ahead and vote the Canadian >:]

    vote: Trucks

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    I'm here!

    Vote: dsister44

    He made a fool out of me last game. I won't risk that happening again.

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    I has arrived.

    PSN ID: KingFate_

    I'm gonna throw a little conversation piece out there to get things moving:

    What do you guys think about the roleclaim = vanilla townie rule?

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    I think it's a fricken great idea. It makes it so people need to be a lot craftier to get out of a lynch.

    PSN ID: KingFate_

    I myself have conflicting feelings about it because someone roleclaiming always brings valuable information to the table and I wonder how it will unfold with this rule.

    In the end though, if the players all participate, we should still get a good flow of information.

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