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Since I'm such an FF fanboy, I wanted to put down Fabula Nova Crystallis (the collective name of FF XIII, Versus XIII, and Agito XIII) as my motto for my XBL gamertag, and when I entered it, XBL told me that the motto had "inappropriate words or phrases and must be changed"

don't believe me, try it for yourself

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Reporting you for foul language.

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Probably since it is in a foreign language and may be close in spelling to inappropriate words in other languages. (just a guess).

Fabula Nova Crystallis, which means "the new tale of the crystal," in Latin
that is not very offensive. !?!

correct me if I am wrong
stop me if I am bias
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One of the words is probably used a censor bypass or something in a language.

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crystallis is too close to phallus?

Raistline said:

crystallis is too close to phallus?

heh, I think that's a bit of a stretch. It's weird though, I wouldn't see anything there that's even close to a bypass or offensive word

It means new tale of the crystals, is that like against religion?

or maybe its cus they don't want people advertising Versus & Agito on xbox live roflforlforlforlf j/k

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Ajescent said:
Reporting you for foul language.

Well done, sir... :)

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