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1.wall of text no read
2.gow3 is doing great,4weeks 1.8 millions,a lot better than gow2 march came out a lot of games,i consider hr march game
4.judging by legs it ll reach 4 millions,not many games achieve that

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If LBP, Uncharted 1 & 2, Heavy Rain is any examples of PS3 first party exclusives' success, you and Mr. Michael Pachter need not worry. The only difference with GoW III is its front loaded.
Like Nintendo first party exclusives, their quality have long legs even if its released amidst a sea of big titles like Mass Effect 2, Battlefield Bad Co., FF XIII, Bioshock 2, AVP, etc.

Will the PS3 be the first and most successful multi-million selling piracy & hack-free console of all time?



what???? lol.

compare it to its predecessors sales, not with mw2 or other. GOW3 sales are great dude....

How is 1.81M sales poor? Hell if I made a game I would like those sales.

ruff_romeo said:

Then theres the Xbox 360 with insane sale figure with all their AAA BLOCKBUSTER games, especially considering that their install base is no where near the Wii's, and along with the ever going piracy problems they are facing too.

I mean looking at the their hardware sales and their previous software sales, its clear that a large number of the PS3 install base must be for their high value Blu-ray player.

What I have noticed, is that with the Xbox 360 and the Wii, they sell exclusives like VERY HOT CAKES, whereas the PS3 does not in comparison (we can even include third party sales aswell if you like, most third party games are almost 2:1 to the xbox 360).

It's way to early to judge the sales of GOW III. As it's selling at the moment, it may well see 4 milllion. If so, that would put it behind only Halo and Gears as exclusive 'AAA blockbuster' 360 franchises.

Take a look at the software sales charts this week worldwide, even look at the totals. It's clear a healthy amount of software it being sold on the PS3 platform. A large number could mean a hundred thousand or so, which could well be possible, but a large number in relation to the total userbase? clearly not.

You really need to do more research, take a look at software sales for other exclusive games. This conclusion of yours seems to have stemmed from nothing substantial.




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Look, you have judge this fair. In its simplest terms, GoW3 belongs to a niche gaming genre right now. If you look at all the games that are in its genre, you would see that God of War 3 is selling head and shoulders over them. Bayonette, Dante's Inferno, Ninja Gaiden 2 + Sigma, and its closing in on Devil May Cry 4.

It was never going sale better than AAA shooter or a game with Mario in the title, but it is selling well enough to say that its one of the best games on any platform for its genre.

I'm just saying...

i don`t know what this kid is talking about !!!!

Well let's look at this, yeah?

360 Users = FPS Fanboys

Wii Users = Casual Fanboys

PS3 Users = Variety Fanboys

360 Exclusives = FPS

Wii Exclusives = Casual

PS3 Exclusives = Variety

If there's 300 people, 3 consoles, that means 360 has 100 users, Wii has 100, PS3 has 100.

Say an FPS comes out, it sells 80-90 copies on 360, because they love FPS, whereas it only sells 20-30 on PSWii

A Casual game is released, sells 95 on Wii, 30 on PS3, and 10 on 360

And any other games is released, sells 70-80 on PS3, 20-30 on Wii, and only 10-20 on 360

Do you see what I'm getting at? because I sure as hell don't!

It's selling faster than previous titles (as I understand) on a smaller install base - I'd say it's done rather well really.

Also, it's the kind of title that seems to settle into steady sales on Playstation, going by its PS2 predecessors, so unless it falters in the "legs" department it should sell fine LTD.

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Welcome newb. You have much to learn about sales. Please educate yourself before making another thread. thx

I second it. :)