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5 Reasons why this generation Blows! Agree or disagree?

Yep, it blows! Wii + HD = Wack! 33 9.17% It's my fave! 137 38.06%
16-Bit Era all the way! 74 20.56%
32-Bit Era all the way! 66 18.33%
8-Bit Era all the way! 12 3.33%
PC Gamers Unite! 37 10.28%

Nothing can beat the 16-Bit Era, it had the best games on the best console ever, the SNES! (imo)

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I completely agree with number 5 aka 'oversaturation of FPS'´s really gotten out of hand ever since Modern Warfare became such a monster hit.

KungKras said:
PC gamers unite!


The only 1 I agree with is the F.P.S games are getting way to over populated. I have been apart of the last 3 gens and this is how I feel...

#3: Gamecube,Xbox,P.S.2.(Good still but the worst out of the 3 I have been in)
#2: N64,P.S.1.
#1: P.S.3,360,Wii(Best gen yet)

First of all, I do feel that this generation has been less than stellar compared to previous generations. But as for your reasoning, meaning the reasoning of the OP, I don't think its quite sound. And I can explain why.

Are rabid fanboys horrible? Yes. But are they ruining the games themselves? No. If anything, game designers are ignoring making certain games and genres because of 'rabid fanboys'. And other games or genres which have 'rabid fanboys' have seen a decline in quality. And is FPS really hurting this gen? No. If anything, its helping many companies make lots of money. I'm not even going to touch cosplay as a serious topic.

Other things such as the HD obsession and the console failure rate are also a negative impact, but they're also not as major as the real issue. Which the real issue is the lack of as many quality games being made. And this is due to the designers themselves not focusing on both the fans wants and all the available markets.

When it comes to the XBOX360 and PS3, developers are mostly either developing games which will a) look the best or b) cater to the biggest niche market and cost the least to develop. And if you think something like MGS or GTAIV or Mass Effect 2 cost millions upon millions and was the pinnacle of game development, realize that companies like Sony and MS were subsidizing the development of those games.

Now also realize that this gen has been suffering because these same developers have been grossly ignoring the dominant console, the Wii. You can give all the excuses you want, but when it comes down to it, the Wii has the biggest slice of the pie and no real third party developer has put forth any effort on the system beyond what you could call a 'B' title (aside from possibly Monster Hunter Tri). This is the real prime example of why this generation is failing. Because companies are putting all their eggs onto two systems that are lagging far behind the more popular system, and coming up with whatever excuse they can to say the Wii 'can't make money'.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



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indodude said:
KungKras said:
PC gamers unite!




Click away !!! click click click

Looks like some people are stuck in the past :P

5 - Well yeh, it's a fact that nowadays there are many FPS, but how bad can that be? Nintendo still makes Platform games, Media Molecule has made one of the best platform games in this generation, and so on. What I mean is, not all companys have turned themselves to shooters - who's (and was) good at it, still makes good platformers. Besides, for FPS fans, this is the best generation for them, therefor this argument is flawed. Hypothetically speaking, if I was a hardcore shooter fan, back in the day, there were too many platformers.
4 - No one makes you go to the internet and talk to fanboys. If you wanna discuss gaming, do it with friends or people you've met online annd you know they're impartial. Imo, it's always fun to read fanboys posts :)
3 - My PS2 broke twice, while my PS3 has never had the YLOD or anything like that, and I have it since the European release - it's just a matter of luck.
2 - There's nothing wrong in wanting to push games to the max and BEYOND. It's only good to have customers that demand more, otherwise companys wouldn't give a fu** and dump us with average games.
1 - Kay I'll give you that one :P

Every generation brings something new to us gamers, and i love all of them, But if i had to put them in order, i'd put 16 bit era on #1 because i grew up in it and enjoyed most super nintendo games with my buddies, 32 bit would be second and 8 bit would be 3rd because it got me into gamming when i was just a little kid.

they forgot the fact that consoles are becoming poor man PC

This Generation blows because I have to read crap like these.

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