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Vgchartz Top 10 games of the generation results and other awards.


.....I'm not trying to start anything here, I'm just curious: why did you call it "Top 10 Games of the Generation" if you didn't include the Wii, the DS, or the PSP in the voting?

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@CALAMITY & Khuutra to a lesser extent

he obviously forgot to put PS360 in the title.

He made the thread a week ago with the title "Top 10 games of this gen for PS360"

It got like 300 posts so he decided to tell the results quickly

I just think he forgot to put PS360 in the title.

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Okay, if that's the case I retract my protest

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Basically see this as a VGchartz top Hd Games list for this generation.

And that definetely is the case, lets retract & throw your protest on a cat !

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Could you maybe post a top 25 to see how other games did?

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Yes i can. I need to figure it out first and look through the results.

I will post em but i got to get ready to leave somewhere, so when I get back home I willl post the top 25

cool your doing a great job jayWood!

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1. Uncharted 2 558 points
2. Metal Gear Solid 4 503 points
3. God of War 3 319 points
4. Mass Effect 2 292 points
5. Final Fantasy XIII 215 points
6. Fallout 3 187 points (34 Votes)
7. Mass Effect 187 points (28 Votes)
8. Bioshock 185 points
9. Killzone 2 177 points
10. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 168 points
11. Oblivion 163 points
12. Littlie Big Planet 145 points
13. Valkria Chronicles
14. Gears of War 2 138 points
15. Gears of War 137 points
16. Heavy Rain 135 points
17. Halo 3 121 points
18. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 119 points
19. Grand Theft Auto IV 110
20. Assassin's Creed 2 108 points
21. Demon's Souls 107 points (19 Votes)
22. Dragon Age Originis 107 points ( 19 Votes) 
23. Batman Arkham Asylum 89 points
24. Modern Warfare 2 74 points
25. Bayonetta 63 points

Thanks :)