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Demon's Souls
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toastboy44562 said:

Games in my opinion that deserve more sales are:

Little big planet -5 million

Gears of war 2 -8 million

Gears of War -7.5 million

Uncharted 2 -5.5 million

Legend of Zelda: Twilight princess -7 million


In that order, what are yours?

Twilight Princess sold more than 7m.


Most third-party Wii games ;p

Hmm... most titles from Atlus could use a nice x5-x10 multiplier. And most games from XSeed and Marvelous, for that matter. I'd also not mind Fire Emblem games getting a nice boost.

Granted, I can also think of some games I'd like to go in the other direction...


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Uncharted 1 and 2 should be owned by every playstation 3 owner.

Valkyria Chronicles

Demons souls


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Halo Wars

Hi, this is Vince with Shamwow.

The majority of the time is the publisher's fault for not promoting the game.
People don't buy/look what they don't know existed.

Picross 10M

Ico and Okami. Both are great games which didn't sell that well.

Alterego-X said:
^ Kenryoku_Maxis, Think about it with this analogy:

When two runners race with each other, who deserves to win?
Of course, the one who runs faster. The ability to run fast is determined by many attributes, from muscle strength, to body weight, having the right rhythm, and speeding tactic

One of the things that doesn't matter is which one is the nicer person.

The sales race is a race too. And in my opinion, the attributes that should determine the results include marketing, word of mouth, mainstream appeal, etc.

With the idea that the game you consider "higher quality" should have higher sales, you mix subjective preferences with objectively measurably results, like if you would measure a runner''s worth of being first by his personality.

Of course, personality is an important thing, but on an entirely different field.

Using your analogy, you're basically saying the games that sell the best are the best games.  And while many games that sell well are good, I was just throwing out the notion that there are plenty of well developed games that also sell badly because their companies don't give them the marketing budgets of Halo or even stock most stores with the game.  Its one thing to say a game didn't get popular when it made an actual effort and had enough copies of the game in stores, say like Okami or The Conduit.  Its entirely different when a company doesn't even try.

One can make the argument that a good game is determined by the end result of how popular it finally gets.  But not if a game that was genuinely good never even had a chance to begin with.  Only having a very limited print and no advertising put behind it.  Such was the fate of many a game that has been deemed amazing, from Suikoden II to Gaoru Mark of the Wolves to even some of the examples I gave.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



Valkryia Chronicles for sure. As well as any game that is less known, but kickass.

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