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Disgaea 3(the first good RPG on PS3 and it barely sells) 800k
Demon's Souls 2mil
Valkyria Chronicles1.5mil+


TGS this year for PS3 will be amazing.

Grandia comes to PSN(PSone classic).

First Versus gameplay this year.

The Adventures Of Duane and Brando

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Muramasa: The Demon Blade - Around 200,000 units sold, but for how many people love games of this kind and whine about 'core' titles on Wii, this game should have sold way more.

Dragon Quest V DS - Sure it sold like candy in Japan, but outside Japan, it barely scratched 100,000 in sales. For a game even critics agree is one of the best RPGs on the DS and one of the best to come from Japan. But its lack of sales may not be due to people not buying the game as much as a lack of advertising and stock of the game on the shelves.

Kirby's Canvas Curse - Oh sure, 700,000 units isn't horrible. But compared even to an avg Kirby game or the avg sales of a Nintendo based DS game, the sales were very low. And they shouldn't have been, for easily one of the most fun and unique titles on the DS to this day. Though the game no longer being in print may be a cause to its lower sales rate.

Any Metroid Title - Again, while avg numbers for a Metroid game hover around 1.5 million and this is nothing to sneeze at, with a franchise such as Metroid, they should be higher. Especially when people claim to hold the series up to the same level as Mario and Zelda. Especially with games like Super Metroid and Metroid Zero Mission, the games should have sold much better.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



RolStoppable said:
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 50 million

Give it time...


On Topic:

No More Heroes - At least 1.15 million

Madworld - At least 1.35 million

Bioshock - At least 3 million on both consoles (Not combined)

Brutal Legend - At the VERY least 0.80 million on both consoles (Not combined)

Tatsunoko vs Capcom - At least 1.00 million (Although, it'll probably get there in time, if you combine both the CGoH and Ultimate All-Stars...)

I'll add more if I think of more.


Ninja Bread-man (best game ever), if you disagree then you suck

Nah not really No More Heroes for sure.. buy this game, its the best Humorous game ever, you will be finding your self laughing lol

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Metro, although the sales didnt surprise me at all

Suikoden II - 6,811,200,000

Looking forward to: FF Versus XIII / LBP2 / The Last Guardian / Yakuza 4 / ICO Collection

Every single Metroid game to 5+ Million

Pikmin and Fire Emblem should also be higher

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Super Mario Galaxy will pass Super Mario 64 in total sales CORRECT!

I think all games deserve the sales they get.


Wiifit. I mean you gotta love a game aimed at the betterment off humanity. They should promote it more though. Maybe bundled with Ultrablow Granola Bars and have a Superffastforward aimed at Olympic athletes and Supermodels. The Vitality Sensor could be linked with 911 just in case.

Oh, and that space-shooter thingy the Xbox has. What was that called? Sparticus? Don't tell me....