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Starfox Wii...if they made it like the original Starfox

Just waiting for that PS Vita to come out so I can play some full featured games on the go with that beautiful screen and control scheme...

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star fox wii
yup yup

^click the license to level it up! Please, and thanks in advance!



Star Fox Wii

mysticwolf said:

If these games were real, which would you want the most??

1. Super Smash Bros. DS

2. Super Mario Galaxy DS

3. Kirby Wii

4. Star Fox Wii

5. Super Mario Strikers DS

6. DS Sports ( aka Wii Sports DS)

7. Pokemon RPG Wii (regular Pokemon game, not some Pokemon Battle Revolution-type game)

8. Paper Mario DS

9. F-Zero Wii/DS

10. Pikmin Wii/DS

11. Earthbound Wii/DS

12. Punch-Out DS

13. Yoshi's Island Wii

14. new Donkey Kong Wii/DS game

15. Pokemon MMO Wii/DS

16. Super Mario RPG Wii (hey, it kind of sounds like Super Mario RGG 3!!!)

You can tell which you want most, or you can list them in the order you would want them. Top 3, top 5, top 6, whatever works.


1. New Zelda
2. New Zelda
3. New Zelda

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I've seen only nintendo games on this thread....why not a Metal Gear Solid game on DS, maybe on DS 2, using a control scheme similar to zelda's, and the second screen for map/codec/items

4. Star Fox Wii


Star Fox Wii with Sin and Punishment 2 controls and/or tilt controls and/or regular controls.

Kirby,all the kirby games are great,hal labs is one of the best dev teams ever.

- Starfox Wii
- Super Smash Bros. DS