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How will Sony appease us?

Free DLC for one game 16 7.21%
Free PSN game (any) 48 21.62%
Free specific PSN game 62 27.93%
Coupon for $ off of new release 5 2.25%
T-shirt "I survived Feb... 54 24.32%
FREE PS3 SLIMS!!! 37 16.67%

Well didn't rage about it since I didn't have any time to use it.


This guy.. He says give him twinkies or give him death.


Call me weird... But I'd rather have T-Shirt than free games. :P

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KylieDog said:
Tbone said:
Lol they won´t do a shit,


Sony are constipated you say?

Lol maybe that too.


badgenome said:
A trophy!

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sully1311 said:
1 Months free online play voucher; wait......


Two days at the most of not being online that is free.  Yea, they really owe us something for that...

At best, the next issue of Qore will be free.

I'm just saying...

They can announce Legend of Dragoon 2 and all will be forgiven.


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Sony doesn't appease devs nor fanatics; in truth people appease Sony. LOL....theres a difference to the madness even though you think they are doing you a favor. The only way Sony will give out of their own pocket to the people is because they did something wrong that they cannot deny and they are desperate. I doubt they are really in that type of a position right now.