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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Best Nintendo franchise - Round 3 Secondary Characters


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           Sequel I want the most :

Patapon 3 , Elite beat Agent 2 , ROTK 12 , Mother 4, Legend of legaia      3, Resident Evil outbreak 3.

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Midna was excellent!

My vote goes to Midna.

 1   2   3  not only you and me.

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Midna gets my vote.

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Currently it is a tie between Yoshi (Super Mario) and Midna (The Legend Of Zelda). In second place it is a tie between Luigi (Super Mario) and Tingle (The Legend Of Zelda). But 1 vote could alter this round.

I should choose Luigi to make the race tight but my vote goes for Toad, just because I always chose him in Super Mario Kart on the SNES. For some strange reason, I do not like Yoshi very much, which is why I do not play SM64DS.


Now its a tie between Tingle (Legend Of Zelda), Midna (The Legend Of Zelda) and Yoshi (Super Mario). Could it be another win for the Legend Of Zelda and a win for Super Mario.