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Epic...I want Grandia 2 more though!

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be the GREATEST game EVER made!!!

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Cool, second most favorite RPG after Suikoden...Definitely gave me a thought.

Wow, this is a great addition!

Good thing I never bought myself a hard copy.

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One of my favorite games is finally coming to PSN. Now can we have Suikoden 2 as well????


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Grandia 2 was on PS2 was it not??


Great news, best news I heard in awhile from the sony camp.

Also yes Grandia 2 was on the ps2 and I think the dreamcast.


Lol... dammit, we just bought a black labeled copy for $70 like in January.

Fuck yea. Now I just need Suikoden 2 and Tomba!, so I don't have to spend 100+ plus dollars on each on Ebay.

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Sweet deals. I always wanted to play this but never did unfortunately.