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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Xenoblade scans: It's purdy!!!!!!!!!

For all the people seeing gray blocks and blank spaces go here:

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can't see shit

Joke post? There's nothing there.

Tag - "No trolling on my watch!"

Hunted them down on Nintendo Everything

Them teeny tiny screenshots aren's THAT exciting

hey al put the link in the OP so these dummies can all stop saying "duuuuuh I cant see anything" gawd damn

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Nice scans, i'll be day oneing this most likely sense it comes from the Xenosaga creators!

wow game looks great!

Even going to the main source, Nintendoeverything, I can't see the scans.


Scans are on the OP now for me.

I changed the pictures to photobucket, people should not be havinbg troubles with the pictures now, also the link is posted in the Op.