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dudes im playing Left for Dead 2, Counter strike sounce, and call of duty Black ops. Peace out homies.

peace out homies♣

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I'm currently playing nothing. I just got done with Digital Devil Saga 2 (Satan is an annoying vanity/debilitate spamming asshole) and am now trying to decide which game to play next. I'm thinking Resonnance of Fate, Heavy Rain, Infamous, or God of War Collection.

Transformers: War for Cybertron

This game is the best shooter I've played in a while.

Playstation All-Stars is one of the best games I've played this gen, and is the most fun I've had in a game this gen.

Castlevania: LoS, Fallout 3, Pinball FX2 and Sonic's Genesis Collection.

Dead Space 2 has revitalized my love for gaming if this year was not so packed full of goodies I could probably already claim I found my game of the year!!!

I recommend anyone who plays it to play it on survivalit or zealot the first time so it is actually challenging and a real survival horrer.

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Assasins Creed 2

I finally jumped back into Fallout : New Vegas.

Who's the best Pac, Nas, and Big. Just leave it to that.

PLAYSTATION®3 is the future.....NOW.......B_E_L_I_E_V_E

Slaughterhouse Is The Sh*t  .... NOW ........ B_E_L_I_E_V_E

XBOX 360- Homefront (it sucks)

PS3-      GT5


Dragon Age 2, second playthrough on Xbox 360. Hoping to power through a third and final playthrough next week as a mage.

Dead Space 2.  AWESOME!

Just started Crysis 2.  Still getting the hang of it.


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