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Forums - Website Topics - Welcome to VGCharts!! (first thread ever created on VGC)

how come there is an influx of old thread talk suddenly.
i wanna play.
[goes to find old thread reading earlier]

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Wow, look at that sig.

The way things change over time...

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^what do you mean?

 EDIT: nvm, I see what you mean

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The things you find when you play with numbers in the address bar.

mmmm, lets see...


Thanks for ioi for this amazing website... is there any cure for addcition to it? 

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Cheers ioi for creating such an awesome site. Keep up the excellent work. And cheers to all our members who partake in such interesting and insightful discussions.

Topic creator...

We're the same, you and I...

1st thread

Nintendo still doomed?
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I'm a little lost here.

so who started this thread? the username is not there