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Forums - Website Topics - Welcome to VGCharts!! (first thread ever created on VGC)

Cool to see the first thread and the old numbers ^__^''.

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What the.....?

I'm confused.



Konnichiwa threw a Phoenix Down on this thread. Funny to see the numbers from back then. And funny that PS fanboy too.

whoah ur sig...

Why not add me on msn...

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Crap, I thought big tiddles had returned somehow at first...

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Silly necro

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wow, this is an old thread, the first, or is this site zero based? I think ioi should tell broshnat to update his sig code...

^^ he hasn´t been round forever, maybe he couldn´t take the insane power and responsibility of beeing a mod




Hi everyone! This is one of my first posts but I've been a guest reader for quite some time now. Hopefully I shall start getting more involved!

I am new que bola!!


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