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Platform - PLAYSTATION 3

Native Resolution - 1080p

Developer - SCE Santa Monica Studios

Publisher - Sony Computer Entertainment

Genre - Hack 'n Slash, Action-adventure

Release Date - March 2010

 TROPHIES | 1 Platinum, X Gold, X Silver, XX Bronze

Developed exclusively for the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) system, God of War®III is the final installment of the multi-million unit-selling trilogy. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studios, God of War III will bring epic battles to life with stunning graphics and an elaborate plot that puts Kratos at the center of carnage and destruction as he seeks revenge against the Gods who have betrayed him.


Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a single-player game that allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the intimidating heights of Mt. Olympus and the dark depths of Hell to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, and an array of new weapons and magic for this iteration of the trilogy, Kratos must take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless quest to destroy Olympus.

Utilizing a new game engine built from the ground up and state-of-the-art visual technologies, the development team behind God of War III has made standard-setting strides in giving players the realistic feel of actually being on the battlegrounds. With texture resolutions quadrupling since God of War II on PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, God of War III, in its debut on PS3, will feature fluid, life-like characters, as well as dynamic lighting effects, a robust weapon system, and world-changing scenarios that will truly bring unmistakable realism to Kratos’ fateful quest. Players will have a chance to join battles on a grand scale that is four times larger than its predecessor.


  • ONLY ON PS3 - The award-winning development team leverages the processing power and technology of PLAYSTATION 3 to make God of War III one of the most-graphically advanced next gen titles available, with even the dramatic cut screens running off the in-game engine.


  • GROUNDBREAKING DEPTH OF SCALE - Kratos will explore areas up to 4 times larger than those found in God of War II, as well as carve through entire armies while navigating on the back of Titans – living, moving, breathing levels as tall as the Empire State Building.


  • STYLIZED REALISM - Players will battle in detailed and unique 3D worlds lit by thousands of dynamic lights and textures with quadruple the resolution, which allows for realistic muscle striations, detailed facial expressions, and new heightened levels of brutality and gore.


  • SIGNATURE GAMEPLAY - Brutal combat, intricate puzzles, exploration of awe-inspiring worlds, and a compelling and satisfying ending to Kratos’ epic story.


  • SOPHISTICATED STORYLINE - The God of War III storyline is the epic conclusion to the trilogy; the storyline will be told in a way that is true to traditionalist roots in Greek mythology, from moral consequences to brutal battles against the Gods.


  • RIDEABLE CREATURES - Several of the menacing creatures of Greek mythology in God of War III can now be manipulated against their will, as Kratos uses them to cross chasms, inflict blind rage against enemies, reveal puzzles and secrets, and as tools of complete annihilation.


  • NEW WEAPONS AND COMBAT SYSTEM - New deadly weapons such as the Cestus—powerful metal gauntlets with devastating strength—and other brutal instruments of war that will allow Kratos to learn ruthless new techniques such as grappling with enemies and launching explosive wall-to-ground attacks.


  • LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES - The dynamic lighting solution employed in GOW III is only feasible through the computing power provided by the Cell SPUs. For example, using the High Dynamic Range Lighting (HDRL) technology, the camera – when using Krato’s sightline – will emulate the human retina, causing players to feel a sharp brightness when Kratos exits a dark area and enters a sunlit area, similar to how the human eye would need to adjust.

God of War III takes place immediately after the events of God of War II. Kratos must take his quest for vengeance to the stronghold of Zeus. As the Army of Olympus surges out to meet him in battle and the chaos of the Great War is reignited, Kratos must scale the summit of Mount Olympus on the back of the Titan Gaia, leading his new colossal allies in an all out assault on the Olympians.

More info coming soon !

God of War III is expected to feature gameplay similar to that of previous installments.

In addition to the Blades of Athena, Kratos wields the Cestus, a pair of fist gauntlets shaped like lion heads. Kratos can switch to the Cestus on the fly to attack his enemies. Kratos also possesses the Fire Bow, used for ranged attacks.

The Golden fleece and Icarus wings are also set to return, although the whereabouts of the Blade of Olympus is still not known.

In the E3 Demo, Kratos is seen tearing off the head of the God Helios. In the game his head can be used in a similar fashion to those of Medusa and Euryale from the previous games. Although where their powers revolved around stone, Helios's stems from light. Its functions include distracting undead soldiers, and as a lantern in dark areas. 

SCE Santa Monica have stated that more weapons will be announced and they will be more fun-to-use than the sub-weapons from previous titles. Combos from previous titles will also make a return in addition to new ones, such as using a grabbed enemy as a battering ram and grapple attacks.

The maximum number of enemies on-screen has been increased to 50 as opposed to the maximum of 15 in previous God of War installments.

New abilities include using enemies as battering rams and riding creatures such as Cyclops' and Harpies.







God of War Collection is a digitally remastered port of God of War and God of War II for the PlayStation 3, and is set to be released in North America on November 17, 2009, according to IGN. SCEE are currently looking into options to bring the port to PS3 consumers in Europe, however, it will not be possible to release it in 2009.The port will be $39.99 USD, $20 cheaper than a new PS3 game. The games are being ported by Bluepoint Games and will use the features of the PlayStation 3, including high-definition resolutions (720p), anti-aliasedgraphics locked in at 60 frames per second and Trophies. The port was derived from feedback of fans of the series in anticipation for God of War III's release, and is seen as a way to introduce new players to the series prior to that game's release.In a PlayStation Blog post on September 23, it was announced the God of War III game demo from E3 2009 will be included.The official gameplay trailer was unveiled on the 16th October.

 TROPHIES | 2 Platinum, 10 Gold, 21 Silver, 38 Bronze  

God of War Collection : God of War | 1 Platinum, 5 Gold, 10 Silver, 20 Bronze

God of War Collection : God of War II | 1 Platinum, 5 Gold, 11 Silver, 18 Bronze

 METACRITIC | 92 (Click the metacritic logo to view all reviews)


Video Review by IGN - 9.4/10


America Provisional Boxart (Click to enlarge)

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Bundled with God of War Collection - November 17th , 2009

Bundled with District 9 Blu-Ray movie - December 29th , 2009

Downloadable Demo - Q1 2010


Downloadable Demo - Q1 2010

Bundled with God of War Collection - Q1 2010


Bundled with inFamous - November 5th , 2009

Downloadable Demo - Q1 2010

All Regions - SPECIAL CODES BEING SENT OUT TO MEMBERS WHO SIGNED UP FOR THE SPARTAN ARMY ON before the 30th of October 2009 ! Codes will be sent out on Haloween day and 1st of November !

The character Kratos went through many stages of development, with his final design being chosen due to his "Greek" and "brutal" characteristics. Kratos uses a distinctive main weapon in all of the God of War games. The "chain blades", a pair of swords attached by chains to Kratos' arms, were chosen to show an "animalistic" nature while allowing a fluid combat animation. The character has received a mostly positive critical reception, being described by reviewers as a "sympathetic antihero", while his gameplay was perceived as "a nightmare to his enemies, but a dream to control".His role in the first game's plot received a similar reaction, particularly his "tragic fall and brutal ascension to the peaks of Mount Olympus".

Throughout the series, Kratos acts as an anti-hero,often making immoral decisions to further his goal; sacrificing unprotected humans for example. Prior to the start of the series, he served as the captain of Sparta's army and was only interested in increasing his power by conquering his opponents.His personality changes when he becomes a servant to Ares, after which he faithfully followed the god's orders.After he stopped serving Ares, Kratos continues to serve the gods in order to receive forgiveness, but shows a defiant stance against them. Once contacted by the gods of Olympus, Kratos shows disregard for their plight, only following their orders for personal benefit.In the first game, Kratos' main motive is revenge. He is ordered to assassinate Ares and agrees to do so to achieve absolution from his past crimes as well as to seek revenge from the very God who aided him in his hour of need, as he made him kill his own family.

Kratos becomes the God of War at the end of the first game. In the second, Kratos is angry at the Gods for breaking their "promise" of making his nightmares go away, and with his new found power, re-initiates his dream of spreading "the glory of Sparta". In the process, he angers the Gods and Zeus decides to kill him. He does so, and takes away all his powers. With the help of the Titans, Kratos goes back in time after finding the Sisters of Fate  and prevents Zeus from killing him and earns the Blade of Olympus in the process.

At the end of God of War II, Kratos is seen on the back of Gaia, ascending Mount Olympus with hopes of revenge.

More info

The King of Olympus who created the Blade of Olympus. He is the father of Ares, Athena, and Kratos, which is revealed in God of War II. In the first game, Zeus aids Kratos by giving him the power to wield lightning bolts and throw them at his opponents, which aids him in his quest to kill Ares.

He betrays Kratos in the beginning of the second game by taking away his powers and killing him, to end "the cycle" in which the son overthrows the father to capture power. However, Kratos escapes Hades with the help of the Titans, and goes in search of the Sisters of Fate to change his fate. Later, Zeus attacks, and destroys the city of Sparta.

Angered by his actions, Kratos goes back in time to prevent Zeus from killing him, and after a heated battle, defeats Zeus. Zeus was saved from death by Athena, and he flees the scene as Kratos accidently kills her.

At the end of the second game, Zeus is seen at the top of Mount Olympus along with a few other Gods, watching Kratos ascend the Mount Olympus on the back of Gaia.

Zeus is the main antagonist in God of War III. 

More info

Brother of Zeus, God of the Underworld. 

Gaia watched Kratos rise as a Spartan general and fall as a servant of Ares. She observed his ability and the strength to destroy his enemies from the time he was born.

After Kratos was betrayed and killed by Zeus, Gaia appeared in a vision before him while he was being dragged down to the Underworld by the Arms of Hades. Asking if he was a coward who accepts death, Gaia caused Kratos’ fighting spirit to be renewed and filled his mind with vengeance and hatred towards Zeus. She prophesized that Kratos was destined to change the fates of all Olympus, and guided him to the Island of Creation, where he would have to defeat the Sisters of Fate and change his fate by going back in time to when he was betrayed by Zeus.

After Kratos was told by the Last Spartan that his beloved city had fallen at the hands of Zeus, Kratos lost all hope. Gaia appeared once again in a vision while Kratos fought the Kraken, this time as his wife. She told Kratos that there would be no eternal rest for him even in the afterlife. Zeus would see to it that his soul be tortured by Hades for the all of time. Once again his fighting spirit was renewed, and Kratos destroyed the Kraken using the fires of the burned Sparta itself.

Using the Threads of Fate, Kratos traveled back in time to the final minutes of the Great War. He was greeted by Gaia, who revealed that she had been expecting him (it's unknown how she knew who he was and that he was coming). Gaia informs Kratos that even with his help, they still can't defeat the Gods, but he tells that they can win in his time. Using the power of time, Kratos saved the Titans from being banished to Tartarus and took them back to his time. With the full power of the Titans on his side and the Blade of Olympus, Kratos climbed Mount Olympus on the back of Gaia, beginning the second Great War.


America - Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition will feature exclusive collectibles; a High-End Sculpted Replica of Pandora’s Box, and a Limited-Edition God of War Art Book featuring exclusive art, content and interviews.

In addition to this you will also get exclusive Digital Content (Available via PlayStation Network voucher codes on day of launch):

• God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges
• Premium Kratos Skin – Dominus
• God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary – a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of War franchise
• God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game (mp3 digital download).
• God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (mp3 digital download).

Those that pre-order God of War III at select retailers will receive a voucher code for first access to download the God of War III E3 2009 Demo starting today, plus you will receive an exclusive downloadable skin from the following retailers:

Amazon (Apollo) , GameCrazy (Forgotten Warrior) and GameStop (Phantom of Chaos).

Europe - Ultimate Triology Edition



God of War's challenge rooms will likely make a return in the third instalment, and further rooms could be available as downloadable content after the game's release. 
That's according to God of War III's director Stig Asmussen, who spoke to Game Pro in the most non-committal way imaginable. "It would make a lot of sense to be able to download them," Asmussen loosely elucidated on the challenge rooms that have long been a feature of the God of War series, "That's something we might see in the future. So, maybe you'll see the game ship with a certain amount of challenges on it, then later on, we might put a download pack out with new challenges. It's a good way to keep the series going."


A select few(including yours truly) got to go hands on with God of War III over the weekend, as Sony released the highly publicized E3 demo in limited quantities.  Fresh off the hype of the demo, God of War III's lead gameplay animator Bruno Velazquez answered some fan questions, and we've picked out some of the more interesting tidbits.

See the above screenshot?  It's from the December issue of GamePro, which should be hitting shelves soon, and is a shot from a build newer than the E3 demo that was just released.  However, the game in it's current form already looks better than that, according to Velazquez.

It sounds like we may even get to see the current build sooner than anticipated.  Velazquez mentions that they have a new trailer ready, but can't say when we'll see it.  I wouldn't be surprised to see it during Spike's Game of the Year awards, as that's where the first gameplay trailer debuted last year.

Finally, Velazquez also reveals the approximate play time of the game.  He estimates it's roughly 10 hours for veteran gamers, but closer to 20 for more casual ones.

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What happened to the Blade of Olympus ?



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