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Some say it's the new navi or minda.

Others say the face looks like the great fairy from wind waker.

And fans say because of the crystal in her crest and marking on her legs that she's some how linked to the master sword.

What do you think?

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Not just the crystal and leg markings but the robe she's wearing looks suspiciously like the hilt of the master sword.

Most likely she'll be a Midna type character to guide the player and develop the story.


She is the drill that will pierce the heavens.

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i think she will be used as a weapon...something like whats-her-face from the last prince of persia

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I think link is her name. The blonde one.

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solidpumar said:
I think link is her name. The blonde one.

lol this




It is Zelda herself. Something has happened, something bad.

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It's probably Princess Peach. Since she's cheating on Mario she had to get a disguise.

OMG Link you paedophile, Nintendo you've gone to far, I know you wanna be mature but god damn this is wrong.

I think that the general rumours/thoughts that are going aroundare true.

She is the embodiment of the master sword and i think this is made obvious by the fact that link holds no weapon. Also of note is the facet thatshe has all of the characteristics of the master sword and she looks like she is made of metal.

She will play the navi role but then this means that link must start with the master sword, which is kind of strange.

gestures on screen will probablymean different weapons, I just hope they bring back the bombos medallion:D.

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