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    < d21lewis posted something on bobacob's wall:

    She may have told you she liked you, but she really loves me!! I feel it in my soul!

    < ismael posted something on bobacob's wall:

    awesome pictures in your album

    < bobacob posted something on bobacob's wall:

    hmm bored... mess around with pictures time methinks

    < highwaystar101 posted something on bobacob's wall:

    I have 6 during this exam period, but I have finished 5 of them, already . My next one is Monday morning, the worst time to have an exam.

    Yeah my housemates, who are all doing Business at Aston university, have a lot of exams over the coming weeks. They are revising non-stop atm.

    < bobacob posted something on bobacob's wall:

    ahh the building next to the guild! excellent! technically we should be rivals:P

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    Write 22

    FFCC: Crystal Bearers has...dancing, snowboarding, and farming

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 August 2009

    Sounds great. Square enix still have yet to make a massive effort on the wii (dq aside).Still this game looks and sounds great!!! Also iphone snowboard port confirmed? With board skins, snow colour changes and different hair styles all dlc for $5 each....

    Write 44

    Who is the girl?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 August 2009

    I think that the general rumours/thoughts that are going aroundare true.She is the embodiment of the master sword and i think this is made obvious by the fact that link holds no weapon. Also of note is the facet thatshe has all of the characteristics of the master sword and she looks like she is made of metal.She will play the navi role but then this means that link must start with the master...

    Write 66

    ( DUST: An Elysian Tail ) Is XNA\'s Best Looking Game

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 August 2009

    Wow.Looks can be deceiving, I wasn't expecting the action that came shortly into the game at all.I thought it would be a light platformer:D....


    Occupation: Student (part time pizza slut)

    Education: knowledge a plenty

    Height: 6'1

    Build: Other

    Eye colour: Blue

    Hair colour: Black

    Zodiac sign: Aries

    Relationship status: Partner

    Favourite Games: PLANESCAPE TORMENT!!!!!!, all baldurs gate series, tekken tag tournament, soul calibur 1,2,3, any legend of zelda, Counterstrike, used to play wow, PRO EVO, any Mario Kart, Shunmue, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Final Fantasy 6+7, chronotrigger, mario allstars, Stalker, Resident evil 2, 4 and Code Veronica, GTA vice city, Ring of Red, Wild arms, Metropolis Street Racer (Im just drivin around in ma BMW haha win), Command and Conquer series, age of empires 1+2 , wwf no mercy, neverwinter nights, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Mysitc quest:fantasy, Golden Axe II, Streets of rage, Street Fighter, Freespace I + II.

    Favourite Music: Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, America, Disturbed, Justin Timberlake, DMX, Muse, Kings of Leon, Anthony and the Johnsons, Ben Mills, The Datsuns, The fugees, The Hives, KoRn, Millencolin, Michael Jackson, OutKast, Papa roach, Rammstein, Richard Cheese, Reel Big Fish, The Strokes.

    Favourite Films: Shawshank, The Unforgiven, The Green Mile, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Till Dawn, Commando, Conan The Destroyer, Conan The Barbarian, Red Sonja, Predator, The Usual suspects, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, Pale Rider, Ong bak, The Warrior King, Willow, The Matrix, The Terminator trilogy. Rocky I, II, III IV, VI, Team America.

    Favourite Books: Molecular biology of the cell, Stryer Biocehmistry, Pharmacology Rang et al.....hahah i don't really read books (don't harshly judge me)

    Favourite Food: Any Indian(Jalfrezi esp.), Chinese, Any Italian, Daimbar, Chocolate digestives, super noodles, coco pops, Fruit corners Flamin hot monster muncg, walkers/lays doritos chili heatwave, sensations Thai sweet chilli, Roast dinners ala my girlfriend.

    Hobbies: Playing 5 a side, Ju jutsu, getting drunk now and then, hangin out with my mates, watching football, eating out with my women, saying "thats what your mum said last night", pubbin it, clubbin it, rubbin it (haha), keeping fit, watching stand up comedy.

    About Me: Non P.C. satire jokes are much loved, I also some internet humour, potty humour, basically i am all about being immature for my age. Despite these things I would see myself as a responsible person:P

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