I'm thinking of buying a wii..but is it worth it?

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dark_gh0st_b0y said:

actually yes, forget the scores for casual Wii games, score system does not work for some Wii games

reviewers for example gave 5.0 to Mario Party 8 but it's great and sold about 7m copies...

Yeah, IMO, people put too much weight and faith in outright number scores. Number scores have a purpose and a use, but the more important part of a review is the write up. I've had much more fun with Mario Party 5 (my favorite MP) than GTA4. Not that I'd argue MP5 is better than GTA4, but I certainly have had more fun with that 70% game than the 97% one.


A lot of the casual games are really hit and miss on a personal level. I love the Mario Party series, but rented Mario & Sonic once, and hated it. The only thing I really remember is almost having an anyeruism attempting to do the 100M dash.

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Research the games you want and decide if you think it is worth it.

If you like the original 2D Super Mario Bros. games they are releasing a new one soon.

Yes, Wii is definitely a worthy purchase for any gamer. Whether you use it as your main or secondary console, it has tons of great games.

And as someone that never owned a Nintendo console the Virtual Console is a must. Super Mario Bros 3, Ocarina of Time, Mega Man 2, Super Castlevania IV, Breath of Fire 2, StreetFighter II etc. etc. etc.

I think I should buy it guys 

I mean I have never been fan of just graphics

I still play my ps2 games and I love them

I even play ps2 games sometimes and still love them

So the graphics won't be that important unless I have fun

And I want to try that casual games :)


if you liked the old classic 2d mario games, you should look into new super mario bros wii which is coming out later this year. it plays just like the old 2d mario games, but you can have 4 player co-op on it now, which i'm sure would make for a very fun party game.

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The best thing about the Wii is the fact it gives you a really unique experience. So far, Microsoft and Sony are only trying to give a cheaper entry to the world of pc gaming. They offer high quality graphics, excellent online gaming, endless need of updates, never ending install routines and bugs, they are specially good on bugs -- but fear not, after a few patches your games will work almost flawless.

The Wii offers you an excellent local multiplayer platform with a user friendly interface, especially the intuitive controls. Also, it has the strange advantage of not allowing game patches, which mean Wii's games are usually less buggy than their equivalent in other platforms -- yes, it sounds strange, but I am convinced this is a good feature. Regarding software, the third party offering is lacking but improving. However, Nintendo software is very strong, no wonder is considered by many the best game developing company overall. Series such as Mario, Zelda, Kart, Metroid are a must to any gamer. That said, if you're looking for cheap violence, you will not enjoy Nintendo style.

While many in here keep saying that there is plenty of games to warrant buying a Wii, I think you should take the advice others in this thread have given before me. Make a list of games you want, and if they are enough to justify buying a Wii, then knock yourself out.

I say this, because personally, there isn't enough Wii games of my interest out there to justify buying one, and someone saying "Yes, it has the games" should never be reason enough to buy a console

Honestly, I am a Wii/PC gamer and I think that between the two, there is not too much I am missing out on.

However, when a console like Wii is released, there is a lot of hit/miss potential to the console. Not the games, the console. Some people will love the different styles and pace of games brought to the table while other gamers may simply desire something different. While I desire both ways to play, I despise dual analog so picking up Wii over thee other two was essentially a no-brainer. And since I can still use a traditional controller on PC and Wii, I feel like my bases are covered from top to bottom.

For you, I would recommend playing the system a couple times elsewhere prior to making a purchase. While it may seem like a good purchase to you on paper (or not a good purchase), you may try the thing out and decide to go in thee opposite direction.

I do agree that every console, at this point into the generation, has games that can justify the purchase, so I also recommend you look into future releases and see if there is enough on the horizon that creats a spark in your interest. If you buy the console today and decide that there is nothing for you in the future, you may still regret the decision later.

Good luck!

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Best console I've ever owned. It was worth it back in 2006 to buy it. Of course it's worth it now. :D