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okay okay i stand corrected.. im a man i admit when im wrong



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shams said:
After charging $599 for a PS3 80Gig (+ game), they would have some serious BALLS to charge $399 for the same thing... with a slightly smaller hard disk.

I can't see it happening, and it would make a massive dent in their pockets if it was true.

Then again this is Sony - they aren't exactly the most rational company around.

I think the original post is a little misleading the Spiderman 3 pack-in is not the game it is the Blu-ray movie wich sony can give away since it made a but load of cash. the rumor also states that by the Holiday that 80 gb will be 499 I would definitly choose the 399.00 version. This may be more than a rumor It is like the 3rd time I heard of a 40GB PS  for 399. Saw it first on a loose talk in Game Informer before E3.

Sony's desire to win the format war is definitly a factor. This one Machine can generate a lot of income for years to come In two different areas of entertainment perhaps 3 in they can hook people to Home like second life for the PC. The loss on the console will be made up if they sell enough of them.

Well Fishyjoe and Shams have pretty much said everything I would have said. As to the Sony fanboys, try spending less time arguing business matters with 2 of the few people on this forum who understand business and more time learning about how business works. You can even learn by playing a game, Capitalism Plus for the PC.

I don't really lean one way or the other on the 40GB PS3. All I could add is that Sony has to do something and at least that would be doing something.

Speaking of fanboys, we have an elimination game running:

Everybody, feel free to vote or even to nominate yourself and see how high you can climb the ladder or how fast you drop off of the list.

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I sure think that the HD market for movies will gain ground Regular DVD's on an HDTV has a pretty visible difference when compared to a HD-DVD or Blu-ray. While I really only care about the difference in movies that use alot of Special effects the difference is there. Really the price of most of the movies on Bluray are only about $5 more than the special edition DVD's and ussually if I am intrested enough to get a movie I ussualy go with the Special Edition.

I still buy DVD movies though because as of now I do have 3 other DVD players in the house and I will get my 5 and 4 year old daughters a $30 DVD player but not a $300 dollar one.

The point is the next format is years away from overtaking DVD but the sooner the "next format" is decided on the faster the prices will fall on that format. someone in China will make it Cheaper. once it is cheaper then DVD will go away and spend more time with those VHS machinces that were never going anywhere.

If Sony's going to bring out a $400 sku, they''' do so by removing all the chips that support backwards compatibility and maybe a few other features (like Wi Fi and the card reader). It may not be the best choice, but it's still better than the 360 Core/Arcade package.

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I think the format war has been decided just based on the speed with which the HD-DVD players have dropped in price. They make compelling price points already. They are only going to be better by the holidays. Having recently spent a wad of cash on a HD-TV I am not in the mood to cough up a large mass of cash to watch a Hi Def format. I think most consumers feel the same way.

Having been a avid movie collector for years. I have well over three hundred DVDs in my collection. I can attest to the fact that most studios are lazy about additional content, and they do not feel taxed by the notion of multiple discs. Most people are totally oblivious to the fact that there is such a thing as dual sided DVDs, and some more recent players can no longer handle them. That said the only argument of merit is the price rather then early adoption.

Technological supremacists are always among the early adopters. They lust for specs, and rarely let prices get in their way. They are worth courting to get your product to the market, but they determine nothing about the buying habits of the masses.

I think the only consideration has always been and always will be the price factor. When it comes to two nearly identical items. Which is what these formats are. There is nothing that actually distinguishes them except for their prices. They both provide the exact same quality, functionality, and support. They both are backwards compatible, and the only difference there is one is being used as a gaming format while the other requires compatibility with CDs. They both can contain full length movies with the standard bonus features. Most episodic content will still be volume restricted to disc so the studios make more money. They both support the same high level of visuals.

I am going to pick up a HD-DVD player in a couple months. Not necessarily because it is the better format. I see no real measurable difference, and further more I do not have the money to waste. I know I will get no more content for the money, and if I am wrong so what I got an expensive DVD player. I could end up being out far more in cash if I am wrong the other way.

High Definition televisions are moving faster, because the price has dropped down low enough that people can start to buy them. The same holds true for formats. The faster the prices drop the more players that will sell. That is obscenely logical. People want to watch the best looking movies on their new televisions, and they do not want to get shafted on the price front a second time. That is a realistic expectation.

Dodece said:

Which is what these formats are. There is nothing that actually distinguishes them except for their prices. They both provide the exact same quality, functionality, and support.

Not true. According to the tech experts, BluRay has definite technological advantages: its smaller wavelength equals more long-term storage capacity. How much more, we don't know just yet, because the engineers are hard at work on this, but the difference is real. HDDVD's only real advantage was price, and now that advantage is pretty much gone, as you've noted - low-cost BluRay players are going to flood the market this holiday season.

ChichiriMuyo said:
A good point was raised: How is it that someone as overtly biased and uninformed as Shams got to be a moderator?

Biased? No - just realistic. I give credit where its due, and won't hesitate to bag a company out when they deserve it (including Ninty). Sony aren't exactly flying now.

Uninformed?? I'll ignore that one.... for now.


I have mentioned this many, many times in the past - and will do so one more time...

I never asked to be a mod. The only reason I am a mod, is so that I can post news items. I'll rarely ban someone, and will always try to err on the side of caution (re: banning).

So don't expect me to temper my views or opinions just because my name appears in red. This is the friggin Internet for heavens sake - if you can't post opinions here, there isn't much point to be using it.


BTW - I have been coding games for 22 years, have worked at 4(5?) game studios, have been producer/lead coder/lead designer on various published titles (including console/handheld/PC titles) - and have even opened/run/closed a studio of my own.

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