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sunil247 said:
As per this article http://ps3.ign.com/articles/944/944857p1.html?RSSwhen2009-01-14_045700&RSSid=944857

"The cover system isn't quite so forgiving as Gears' and if you duck behind a low barricade you'll still expose yourself to fire, meaning you've got to choose your resting points carefully, especially when Helghast troops are clever enough to attempt to outflank you."

It seems like its a more realistic cover system.

That's not a correct statement. Depending on your position, you can shoot someone behind cover in Gears also, even if their cover is facing you.

@Munkeh-Fair enough, but it would be nice to leave it in and let the community decide whether they wanted to quicken the pace or not.


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Cover system is the most overrated feature in videogames right now. I hate cover systems like those people that hate CGI over in-game videos. If you have to rely on a cover system to protect yourself, the game is broken. You should be able to just go behind barriers and not have to hit a stupid button to be "in cover." If I'm behind an object, then I should be protected.

Multiplayer didn't have a cover system but you can hide behind objects. That's how it should be. I liked Uncharted but having to hide behind a rock or column every single room you went into was rather annoying.

@ windbane, I think SOCOM Confrontation has a similar system to that. When behind a crate or something (not directly behind) and crouching, your character will hide and you can use the SIXAXIS to peak over the top or around the sides to shoot.

Anyway, in most games you can just stand behind cover, but sticking you to the wall helps align the camera, but of course its just your view

Maybe some people have gotten the wrong idea of my something to ponder threads these threads are intended to ponder

i don't think that the cover system in KZ2 is going to be a huge deal to most i just wanted to let people that are not into FPS know that KZ2 has a cover system in case that was holding them off on being into it as it was holding me off b4 i knew it had a cover system Who knows if KZ2 turns out well maybe all FPS will implement it they also need a quicker way of looking behind you especially in MP

To me cover systems in shooter games are a big deal i feel that FPS haven't offered any thing knew since the days of doom and unreal for the pc

yes windbane If ur behind an object, then u should be protected. but picture urself in a real gun fight are u just stand behind and object or get close to it and embrace it and value it as it's  saving u from gun fire For TPS gamers like myself it's feels like im taking a step back wen playng a FPS that doesn't use a good cover system the ign qoute says it best "Going back and playing other FPSs just isn't the same anymore. When I duck behind a corner, I don't want to stare at a poorly-textured wall before strafing out into the open. I want to peak around the corner, line up a shot, and shoot things"

@KylieDog i like blind fire the ability to shoot aimlessly from cover like they do in the movies or if i feel frustrated gives it more of a sense of realism


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Onyxmeth said:
dbot said:
KylieDog said:
I saw nothing in that video that I cannot do in Call of Duty, or R2, or Battlefield, or take you pick of FPS games.

Well, there was the blind fire, wow, like that will get used.

Blind fire with the shotgun made Uncharted on crushing tolerable.

@ox - Brothers in Arms dropped you to a third person view while in cover. The Killzone system keeps you in the first person perspective.

GG pulled the lean and peak cover system from multiplayer because the mechanic did not work well with non-linear gameplay. In multiplayer you are not always moving forward in a level. After testing they felt like crouching was preferred to cover.


So again, the cover system isn't that important if it got dropped for multiplayer. Considering the bulk of play will be there and the opponents likely smarter, it seems to be some decent feature in single player, but ultimately nothing to be writing a thesis over. Also for the cover system to matter at all, AI is going to have to be Gears level or above, which is typically not the level of AI you find in your FPS enemies.

Somehow Gears managed to work a cover system effectively into multiplayer, and it's no longer a linear experience either. It stayed an important feature in multiplayer, because MP was made to be an extension of the experience you get during the campaign. If Guerilla found this cover system to be in any way important, then the MP would have been made to work around the cover system, not attempting to make the cover system work around the multiplayer.


A cover system in a FPS that maintains the first person perspective is an interesting concept, that if done correctly will probably be adopted by other FPSs.  I don't think the op was hyping it up as the best thing ever, but it is something that will make him consider buying an FPS.  I think he made some valid points comparing cover systems between TPS and FPS.

Gears is a TPS so the fact that the cover system works in multiplayer isn't a fair comparison to the cover system not working in Killzone's multiplayer.  From what I've read, Guerilla is very excited about the lean and peak system in the single player campaign because it keeps the player immersed in the action while in cover.   I think they are the best people to determine if the system adds value to the multiplayer or not.

I think you guys are making too much of cover systems and the lacking of coop in Killzone.


Thanks for the input, Jeff.



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I really do like cover systems. The only game which would be worse for a cover system is CoD4, that's great the way it is.

I do object to one thing though. MGS4 IS NOT A TPS, IT'S STEALTH ACTION!

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I think its a pretty cool idea, and the only reason I will rent this overhyped game.

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Wait, now 'lean and shoot' is counted as a cover system? Jeez, Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault had that in what, 2001? 2002?

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KylieDog said:
I don't see what is so amazing about this cover system. Most games have a crouch button that allows you to do the exact same thing. Can sidestep out of cover to shoot, leaning is hardly different.

Rather pointless feature I find.

This. Besides, a cover system "ties" the player to a wall so getting away is harder (a little). It also makes the game slower (not necessarily a bad thing but I don't want every shooter to be slow).