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Forums - Sales Discussion - The OFFICIAL Jan 2007 NPD Thread

Here we go boys and girls, this is the big one. In less than 12 hours the internet will explode with the latest NPD data for January - here is the official build-up / discussion thread. Will Wii sell over 500,000 as Pachter "predicted"? Will PS3 outsell 360? How will Gears of War continue to sell (2 million + in 2 months is huge - Ocarina of Time / Donkey Kong 64 sort of levels)? Will Guitar Hero 2 make it to the top? What about Lost Planet, Twilight Princess? Will bunkum make an appearance? How hyped are you? Do people want to make some banners / images / do some previews for us? Lets post all the data we get in here and make this the biggest NPD thread on the internet!!

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I think Wii wont arrive at the 500k Patcher said .Some 400K seems to be more plausible . The X360 and the PS3 will be neck to neck around the 300K mark ,I would give the PS3 a little edge but it can go either way . As for handhelds DS will continue its onslaught and PSP I think will improve a bit its results over last year due to the amount of games and quality of them arriving lately (Sid Meier Pirates! ,Metal Gear Solid ,Gurumin ,Ratchet & Clank ,Chili Con Carnage ,Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 etc ....will be seen more in february but a little push in january would be normal ) .

I really hope that Bunkum will join the party, it's much more exciting when he's around! I remember how guys at GAF made an official trailer for November NPD thread, that month was the most hyped in the internet I think; and it ended like we all know >> no numbers I wanna see how bad my prediction is

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No NPD today?

In my NPD forum for January data, someone wrote that SonyCowboy (how he would know is beyond me) 'confirmed' Feb 15 as the date for the release of data. does Bunkum get his data? Usually I just use sites like gamasutra

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**** REMOVED **** Mod: No NPD numbers until Tuesday, bunkum has been banned These are not finalised NPD numbers...

bunkum said: **** REMOVED ****
Thanks a lot Bunkum! Looks like everyon is outselling the 360! Good numbers for the Wii and the DS. Any softwares numbers Bunkum?

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bunkum said: **** REMOVED ****
Thanks. X360 and PSP

bunkum said: **** REMOVED ****
Great bunkum! Keep 'm comin..

Suprised the PS3 sales are that high. and the 360 sales are that low. (in comparison) How many times I have been told. 3 or 4 360's sell for every PS3. more like 3 PS3 for every 2 360. And the Wii is still rideing on it's hype. ALOT lower than I expected. I was expecting 500,000+ just because Nintendo says they have been makeing 800,000+/month. and only shipping ~350,000/month to japan. We will see if Nintendo can raise the sales for febuary. If the sales for March remain that high. I'll give 2007 to nintendo. But as it stands... the PS3 is higher than expected. and the Wii... is lower than I expected... and the 360 is lower than expected.

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