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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 - beautiful French folklore with J-RPG influences | PC / Xbox Series / PS5

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My favorite game of the show. Really looking forward to this.

The announcement of this was a welcome one and it looks great. Some of the bits show for the combat were obviously more elaborate moves than "attack" but the side bit gave me hope it has a FFX like turn system.

If SquEnix aren't going to make FF games as turn based anymore with graphics like this, might as well give my money to someone who is.

Hmm, pie.

Graphics look amazing. Looks like good gameplay as well. Something to keep an eye on for sure.

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This was my favorite announcement from the Showcase. Really looking forward to play it.

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This looks potentially amazing. A turn based RPG with great production values, an intriguing premise and combat with inputs like the Mario RPGs? Sign me up please.

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Totally in my top anticipated games too now.

Tober said:

My favorite game of the show. Really looking forward to this.

honestly think this was the best looking (most interesting) game shown.


wonders who made it....

goes to lookup Sandfall interactive....  finds almost nothing except their homepage.

Reads it...  

".....possible for indie teams to deliver outstanding production value in a realistic 3D graphic style.

With a focus on single-player experiences, we want to deliver incredible stories with intriguing characters in gorgeous fantasy worlds."

So a french Indie? studio, started in early 2020.... that wants to make single player story focused rpgs in fantasy worlds....
Interesting this also explains the "european" twist, and folklore elements to it, its made in europe.

Also dope its comeing to all platforms.

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I love me a good turn-based RPG. But idk the last time I saw a traditional turn-based RPG with production values like this! It's all primarily been heavily stylized games such as Persona or Metaphor later this year or much smaller projects like Octopath Traveler.

This is going into my top 5 most anticipated for sure!

Apparently some of the people of this studio are some of the people who have left Ubisoft.