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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony State of Play on 30th May 2024 at 3pm PT

30 mins- 14 games (PS5 and PSVR2) including Playstation studios titles coming out this year.

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Nice. Hoping to see some Resident Evil news.

Hoping for an Astro Bot.

Astro Bot, Concord should be there for sure, hopefully at least one more surprise big 1st party game at least a glimpse. Feels like a good time to have Half-Life Alyx for the PSVR2 as well.

I would like it to be a showcase but it should be until September. Sony's marketing has gotten a lot worse, they are only announcing the game with just a few months to go before it is released. Hopefully 2025 will be better

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11am BST. What are they thinkingng. Argh

Not the full on showcase I was hoping for but this should still hopefully be nice. I wonder if the PC support for PS VR2 will get announced here or on a separate blog post the same day.

Would be very happy to hear some VR news!  I would especially love to hear Atro Bot will work in both flat and VR!

That was decent. The best part was seeing a couple 3D platformers with high production values. Infinity Nikki and especially Astro Bot look delightful.

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