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Forums - Sales Discussion - UK December sales: PS5 falls but still #1, Switch up 39% from Nov

PS5 was the highest selling console but is down 19% month over month, Switch was #2 and is up 39%, Xbox Series is #3 and up 6%

Top 10 Software, physical plus digital: (Except Nintendo games which are physical only)

1 EA Sports FC 24 (EA)
2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Activision Blizzard)
3 Hogwarts Legacy (Warner Bros)
4 Super Mario Bros Wonder (Nintendo)*
5 Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar)
6 Spider-Man 2 (Sony)
7 Mario Kart 8: Deluxe (Nintendo)*
8 Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (Ubisoft)
9 Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar)
10 Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo)*

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Rough estimate from past divulged numbers:

PS5: ~ 199k
Xbox: ~ 144k
Switch: ~ 142k

Switch and Xbox should be the other way around, yes. Chalk it up to months of rounding errors since we've been running on extrapolation for a while.

Edit - doing some more estimates from last year's numbers, it seems the huge Xbox price cuts helped it a lot, so it should be comfortably up YoY. PS5 is also up but by a smaller amount, and Switch is down YoY, but not as down as in previous months.

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Solid month for both Switch's 7th holiday, and Xbox Series.
PS5 was expected #1 but I personally expected almost equal to or more than November's numbers >240k

Lifetime Sales Predictions 

Switch: 160 million (was 120 million, then 140 million, then 150 million)

PS5: 130 million (was 124 million)

Xbox Series X/S: 54 million (was 60 million, then 57 million)

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For the year, PlayStation 5 sales were its strongest since 2014, and surprisingly the PlayStation 4 is up 633% YoY.

For the year as a whole.

PS5 up 55% YoY, best selling year for PlayStation since 2014. Switch down 17% YoY. Xbox down 14% YoY

I'm surprised 2014 was the PS4 peak in the UK? Or maybe they are combining all PlayStation platforms in 2014 (PS4+PS3+Vita) to be higher than PS5 this year? The quote is "best year for PlayStation since 2014" not best year for a Playstation Console so I guess PS5 did beat the PS4's best year in the UK.

EA FC came first, Hogwarts 2nd and CoD 3rd with sales 39% lower than last years entry. Starfield came 31st.

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CESA 2012-2022 UK sales: credit to Asrtral02_lion from InstallBase

It should be noted that my estimates are based on GfK's monthly totals and GfK track only 90% of the UK market so actual sales are likely to be 10% higher for each platform than these estimates.

Monthly estimates.

Month PS5 XBS NSW Total
January 58,000 29,000 38,000 125,000
February 74,000 34,000 32,000 140,000
March 71,000 31,000 32,000 134,000
April 47,000 21,000 41,000 109,000
May 36,000 19,000 39,000 94,000
June 57,000 28,000 34,000 119,000
July 58,000 23,000 29,000 110,000
August 82,000 26,000 27,000 135,000
September 102,000 61,000 32,000 195,000
October 95,000 41,000 37,000 173,000
November 240,000 132,000 113,000 486,000
December 194,000 142,000 157,000 491,000
2023 1,114,000 587,000 611,000 2,312,000
LTD (rounded) 3,480,000 2,470,000 6,670,000 12,620,000

PS5's lead over XBS has gone from 490k to 1.01 million over the last year. It also looks like Switch will fall short of PS4's total of 7.69 million because it will be very difficult to sell another +1 million units.

Yearly UK Sales since 2020

NSW - 1.47M
PS5 - 450K (19th Nov)
XBS - 310K (10th Nov)

NSW - 1.22M
PS5 - 1.15M
XBS - 850K

NSW - 880K
PS5 - 780K
XBS - 720K

PS5 - 1.11M (+44% yoy)
NSW - 611K (-31% yoy)
XBS - 585K (-19% yoy)

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It is funny that they covered MoM instead of YoY. But seeing Switch and Series doing better in Dec than Nov is quite curious.

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Full year report is out now.

A big year for PS5, but sales drops elsewhere​

2.38 million games consoles were sold during the year in the UK, according to GfK panel data. That's a rise of 9.4% over the year before.

PS5 was the driver behind this. Sony's console saw sales rise 55.2% over 2022, making it the biggest year yet for new PlayStation. It's actually the best year for a PlayStation machine since 2014.

The other console to post year-on-year growth was, interestingly, PS4. Sales of PS4 were up 633% year-on-year. Like with PS5, this is due to severe console shortages that plagued PlayStation consoles throughout the year prior.

Elsewhere, Nintendo Switch ended the year as the No.2 console, but sales are down 16.7% over the year before. This is the Switch's seventh year on the market and a decline was expected.

Narrowly behind Switch is the Xbox Series S and X, which saw sales drop 14.2% over the year before.

Over in accessories, nine million products were sold at UK retail in 2023, a drop of 4.5% over the year before, despite improved console sales.

This new data is upweighted, this means it is the full market and not just the GfK monthly data which doesn't track around 10% of retailers and because we have last years upweighted numbers then we can get the true numbers for this year. So in 2023 the PS5 did just manage to outsell it's 2021 total of 1.15M.

NSW - 880K
PS5 - 780K
XBS - 720K
PS4 - 10K

PS5 - 1.21M (+55.2%)
NSW - 733K (-16.7%)
XBS - 618K (-14.2%)
PS4 - 73K (+633%)

LTD UK sales: here are some systems for comparison, numbers have been rounded.

Nintendo DS - 12.4M
Playstation 2 - 10.0M
Xbox 360 - 9.3M
Nintendo Wii - 8.4M
Playstation 4 - 7.8M
Playstation 1 - 7.2M
Nintendo Switch - 6.8M
Game Boy - 6.6M
Playstation 3 - 6.0M
Xbox One - 5.9M
Game Boy Advance - 4.8M
Playstation portable - 3.9M
Nintendo 3DS - 3.9M
Playstation 5 - 3.6M
Megadrive - 3.5M
Xbox Series - 2.5M
Xbox - 2.2M
Super Nintendo - 2.0M
Nintendo 64 - 1.6M
Nintendo ES -1.5M
Master System - 1.5M
Gamecube - 1.2M
Playstation Vita - 740K
Game Gear ->600K
Dreamcast - 600K
Nintendo Wii U - 590K
Sega Saturn - 400K