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Forums - General Discussion - What do you eat for breakfast?

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There are a lot of variations in breakfast around the world. In my home, we usually have bread, butter, coffee, milk, and sometimes cookies. It's the most common kind of breakfast in my country. Well, some people around here also have cheeses and juices.

What about your breakfast?

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Usually peanut butter, I should cut back.

Unfortunately I get fed too much for lunch, as I don't want to waste food, and I usually have a big enough dinner. In consequence, I don't eat breakfast aside from coffee.

If I did eat breakfast I would eat some cheese and fruit. Maybe some yogurt or eggs.

Yogurt sounds good, unless you're George Carlin.

Nothing, I don't eat breakfast.

I'm too fat and need to lose weight, so less meals per day = better!

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Bowl of shredded wheat cereal with a peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwich between whole-grain toast slices on the side is my usual breakfast. Cap things off with Cheetos since I'm left craving a bit of salt afterwards...

Pop Tarts

Banana, milk, whole bread+cottage cheese.

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I don't eat breakfast, but eat before going to sleep, usually at 1AM or so. Mostly peanut butter sandwiches. Then dinner somewhere between 5 and 8pm depending on how busy things are. Mornings are just coffee with a little milk. I rarely eat lunch, so 2 meals a day usually.

I usually alternate coffee, banana, and oatmeal one day, coffee, banana, two scrambled eggs the next day. Before a race or long run day of 12+ miles on the weekend I'll eat pancakes.