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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Is Your Favorite Blizzard series?


What Is Your Favorite Blizzard Franchise?

Diablo 167 39.39%
Overwatch 33 7.78%
Starcraft 103 24.29%
Warcraft 121 28.54%

With Diablo IV becoming Blizzard's fastest selling game of all time, I'm going to keep this weeks poll pretty simple. Which is your favorite of Blizzard's biggest franchises? 

I kept it as simple as possible. Didn't include any spinoffs (or even separate WoW and Warcraft since it technically is still Warcraft. 

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I did like Overwatch the most, but it has really been going downhill ever since Jeff Kaplan left, and they just keep digging the hole deeper and deeper. Conversely, I have started to like Diablo more and more, and am super hyped to play Diablo 4.

Rock N Roll Racing was cool as was Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. I love Diablo 3 but not going near 4 ever. Not into Warcraft and don't like MMO's or online shooters. Poll needs more options as OTHER for other IPs newer or older. They made games before Diablo and Warcraft.

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Warcraft is my favourite of their big IPs, but that only includes Warcraft 1-3.

Blackthorne and Lost Vikings of the less known one's.

Definitely Warcraft with both Warcraft 3 and WoW being some of my all-time favorite games. So is StarCraft II which earns it the second place. Diablo would be third.

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Warcraft, mostly due to the lore, and then WoW, also for Lore and gameplay.

Starcraft is my 2nd favourite RTS series of all time, and Diablo is possibly my fave ARPG of all time as well.

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Starcraft and Diablo are still imo the best games in their respective genres. Both games I get the urge to play from time to time, 20 + years after their release. Both franchises have released ok follow ups and both are contenders for best Blizzard IP.

Warcraft 2 is still great today and Warcraft 3 is the game I spent most hours playing out of all games ever. But I mostly played custom games and with the butchering via Warcraft 3 reforge it is not possible to play them anymore. Even if it is possible via private servers, most of the players are gone. Possibly the saddest gaming moment ever for me.
I have not played even a minute of World of Warcraft, but even if it is a great game I cannot place the Warcraft franchise above Diablo or Starcraft out of pure spite for what was done to the modding community and players who loved Warcraft 3 for the freedom it used to give players and creators.

Overwatch I needed nothing but glance at knowing it is not for me.

But between Starcraft and Diablo it is a though fight. Starcraft have fewer games but they are all good while Diablo have seen more releases but some are not that great.
I think Diablo takes it. Diablo 4 have the chance to redeem a developer that I once loved and now despise.

Back in ye olden days I was a Blizzard-fan. Or at least, I loved their stuff. Warcraft 2, 3 and Diablo 1 and 2 were great and of very high a standard. I played them plenty. But that is an age long gone. My interest in Blizzard's games deteriorated quickly with the dawn of Word of Warcraft, and never really returned, because never again did they come out with anything that suited me. There are whispers that Diablo 4 is decent enough, but likely I will never experience it because I lack the motivation to do so.

Remembering days gone by I would say Warcraft was my favourite.

Nothing now. But Warcraft by far in the past.

Warcraft 2 was my jam in 1998. Starcraft was ok but in early 2000s I realized RTS was not my genre. Diablo is not my kinda game at all, neither is Overwatch.

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