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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Moss PSVR2 Review - Is This VR Zelda?

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If anything, the indie gaming scene has taught me that budget and quality do not necessarily intertwine. But can VR also give me a new perspective on action adventure games? Or more importantly, give me kid-playing-Zelda feelings?!

And here's the written version!

Take care, folks! It's been fun, and be sure to play games, not systems!


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Going for the Zelda comparison again, huh. It's a great game though and if you ignore the title a solid review.

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Aside from comparing any adventure game to Zelda, I guess it is never too late to talk about one of VR best experience !

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It is an amazing game and yes I would love to play a Zelda game in this style. Perfect for the dungeons part of Zelda.

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I wouldn't say it is really comparable to Zelda, it is puzzle platformer.
I have both Moss games on Oculus, love them for what they are and offer and wish there were more games like it.