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Dead Space.. what an experience. I owned however never completed the original trilogy. I saw this Remake as the perfect opportunity to jump in and experience Dead Space at its full potential and it definity left its mark. I played this on the Series X and recommend playing it in Performance Mode.


Simply Stunning. It might not look as good as let's say Callisto Protocol however Graphics isn't everything to make a game great and Dead Space is no push over with its visuals either. This game offers some of the best immersion and atmosphere you can get in a video game. You actually believe you are on the ship with its level design, while it's creep factor only goes up when you move through the game. The Ishimura feels like a living environment that has had a post-apocalyptic event happen, that's amazing attention to detail and great level design and the remake visuals bring it all together perfectly. I suggest playing this at 60fps as Quality mode isn't worth the cut back to 30 frames unless you own a decent rig or love photo mode.


Sound is what you would expect from a high budget horror game. The game sounds creepy and its fantastic. Hearing Necro-Morphs crawling through the walls or moving in the dark is absolutely terrifying. One of the best things they have done is make Isaac speak. His dialogue is well written and actually fits in the theme of the game. It didn't make much sense having a silent engineer on a repair mission. This time, you hear Isaac give ideas to his team on what he needs to do instead of others who aren't engineers telling him how to do his job. It's the passion you love to see put into a beloved series.


This is where Dead Space really shines. Not once did I want the game to end or feel like its repeating itself. I loved going through the decks of the Ishimura and attempting to fix what goes wrong with the ship and I will tell you, everything goes wrong with the ship. They say the biggest horror in Dead Space isn't the enemies but being an Engineer stuck on a ship falling apart and he has to repair everything, while dismembering Necro-Morphs piece by piece to help vent an engineer's frustration. All jokes aside, Dead Space plays just as good as any in its genre and some. The Weapons are fun and awesome, the upgrade system works really well, the suit designs look great, and you feel awarded as you complete objectives or find hidden nodes and weapons etc. 


Dead Space has some of the richest Sci-fi lore you can fine. So much is going on in the games that you don't have to read anything outside the first game however it only gets juicer when you start leaving the video game 4 walls. Dead Space is one of the best horror story telling games I've seen. It's not just about the Necro-morphs or the monsters, it's also about the things happening around the corruption. The one thing I love about Dead Space is everything just fits together in its universe and works. Why the Ishimura is doing what it's doing to the history behind the ship to its captains, crew and to the Unitologist (Cult) etc. This game has so much going on and if you love Sci-fi, and also love Horror, then Dead Space conquers both. 


This is a must buy for Horror fans. Dead Space is the principle of what survival horror is all about and delivers on all fronts. It looks great, feels great, sounds great and offers a great and deep story. The Remake is a 10/10 for me, I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to Dead Space 2 Remake if they decide to make it. If there is one game that can match Resident Evil 4 for its Survival Horror crown, its Dead Space.

Go check out this classic trailer Remade with the Remake below. This series is made of nightmare fuel.

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Dead Space, for me, was always the best horror game in all of gaming. RE2 remake came close and I think RE4 remake may challenge it, but Dead Space is just perfection. I love it. I haven't played the remake, but plan to soon. Nice review, much appreciated.

Chrkeller said:

Dead Space, for me, was always the best horror game in all of gaming. RE2 remake came close and I think RE4 remake may challenge it, but Dead Space is just perfection. I love it. I haven't played the remake, but plan to soon. Nice review, much appreciated.

Thank you. I love the Series. I also loved how Dead Space took another route from other survival series and got away from the usual modern era with guns and shotguns and instead made it based in the future with massive tech advancements. The thought of a scenario of a zombie type apocalypse happening on a star ship is refreshing and not often done in the video game world.

If you loved the original than you are in for a treat with the Remake. EA and Motive have done a fantastic job with it. Alot of love has gone into this remake.

Thanks for you Review .
Is very well writen and usefull.
Now i have to buy this game.

Aside from Hi-Fi Rush, the beginning of 2023 has been a Survival Horror one for me! Played the Remakes of Resident Evil 2&3 in anticipation of RE4’s release and decided to give Dead Space a try because of the universal praise it was getting from critics and gamers alike. And the devs at Visceral had said that RE4 was a huge inspiration on Dead Space. They wanted it to be RE4 in space. Which that concept sounded incredible to me. I never had a chance to play the original games when they first released, so I became super excited to play the remake.

Oh my god……it was AMAZING!!! The graphics, audio, atmosphere, and even the gunplay was top notch. I agree with you completely on your review. Very well done review. You should write up some more

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I've always wanted to play this game but never got the chance to. The tension, enemy design, dismemberment & combat encounters look incredible. Finally getting to experience this with Dualsense features, on top of current generation hardware and load times is going to be phenomenal! 

How would you compare the changes from the original to the remake? From some reviews I've watched, a few of them mentioned additional content, such as certain gameplay sections being revamped completely. 

I bought the remake, but didn't get to it before PSVR2 launched. Maybe I'll get to it in a few years or maybe it will get a VR patch. At least it's good to know I have something good to go back to if the headset ever breaks :)