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Forums - Music Discussion - Best Linkin Park song

What's your favorite Linkin Park song?

To me, it's still "In the End". When I was in my teens, a friend showed me the clip, and I loved it. It was this song that made me a fan of them.

Honorable mentions: Papercut, Numb, Shadow of the Day, What I've Done.

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In the End is an immaculately written song. The way every verse gradually builds up to the chorus is very well done. And of course the bridge is similar too.

My vote would go to Pushing Me Away. It's been my favourite ever since I heard the album all those years ago. Honourable mentions go to Breaking the Habit and Castle of Glass.

I can still visualize the FF AMV to this LOL, honorable mentions 

by myself, my december, faint, one step closer

It is hard not to choose In The End, so that is my vote too.

Honorable mentions tend to be the songs with active singing from Mike Shinoda like

Papercut, Hands Held High, Bleed It Out, and others,

Also Fort Minor and Mike Shinoda solo albums are fun.

Hmmm. Depends on my mood.

Numb, Faint, Crawling, Shadow of the Day, Burn It Down, Papercut, and Breaking The Habit are my top.

As an emo teen, One Step Closer and My December were my most played though.

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Breaking The Habit.

But yeah In The End is awesome, definitely second best for me.

Love, In the End too.

Song that was used in the recent Miami Vice movie.