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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Does the Steam Deck REALLY Destroy the Switch?

Hyperbole: people using words that are dramatic to make a point. But sometimes, certain things can be so one-sided that there's a clear winner. Does the Steam Deck actually destroy the Nintendo Switch, though?

No written version, it's another one of those show-and-tell type things!... Which includes a key snippet of voice chat gameplay right off the Steam Deck without a headset!

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In hardware power yes. In hardware sales no.


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Name a gaming handheld that outsold a Nintendo handheld and that's the answer.

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The Steam Decks hardware absolutely decimates the 7 year old Tegra chip in every single way.

As expected.

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Didn't watch the video nor do plan too. Software matters, not hardware.

Captain_Yuri said:

In hardware power yes. In hardware sales no.

This…power has never really been a necessity for Nintendo to beat the competition. See also, Game Gear, PSP, Vita, etc.) But I do love the ability to play xCloud games whenever I want to on a decent sized screen. 

It's probably the best handheld for emulation in the market by far, but other than that, this is a very niche product.

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SteamDeck is a much better "first system" than Switch, and not just hardware wise. It isn't a niche device in the sense that matters, because it's just a PC in portable form. It can sell less than a million units and still get a level of software support that obliterates the Switch. So all comparisons to old dedicated handhelds are moot.

Switch is a better second console/system though, mainly because it has a ton of popular or quality exclusives that you can't play anywhere else.