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I finally managed to finish Deathloop and wanted to give my personal review on the game.

Deathloop released on the 14 September 2021 on both PC and PS5. The game was published by Bethesda Studios and developed by Arkane Studios, the studio behind the Dishonored Series and Prey.

Deathloop sits on a healthy 88 Metacritic and is about a death loop cycle (Obviously) which its up to the main character to break. Basically a never ending ground hog day.

The game is about two main characters, Colt, the man trying to break the loop and Juliana, the woman trying to protect the loop. They don't get along.

The gameplay is based around an Arena styled FPS with heavy stealth elements with multiple choices. Think of 1960 Bond films mixed with GoldenEye 64 playgrounds.

The visuals might not seem like much at first glace, however this game is quite beautiful to look at in motion and the gameplay feels fluid and responsive. Plus the acting is A tier. Listening to Colt and Juliana was entertaining. The chemistry between the two is some of the best acting i have seen and investing.

What i really enjoyed about the game is the clue hunting. Finding clues laying around the environment like old letters on the floor or radio recordings of previous events etc. The more clues you find the more you progress though the game. 

The goal is to assassinate 8 visionaries within the 1 day which will allow you to break the loop. As you unlock more clues, you will find more ways on how to get these visionaries together so that you could kill multiple targets during different time periods. 

The story is very interesting and the game is quite addictive. The weapons are solid, the modding is great, and unlocking some of the special weapons is worthwhile.

Overall, Deathloop is one of the best games i have played this year. I would recommend it to those who love stealth shooters. Its fun, addictive, original and well made. Its quite hard to create a time loop game and Arkane nailed it. There was a reason Bethesda continued to show off this game at plenty of events.

I give it a 9/10

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