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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumor: KONAMI planning on more MGS, Castlevania and Silent Hill

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Acording to this article

Konami is planning to release more games on the Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill franchises.

On my opinion they should start with what has proven succesful in the past, although what I consider succesful is just games that I have really enjoyed, not necessarily succesful sales wise.

I believe a current gen remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 for the NES are long overdue, I would buy that instantly, I'm pretty sure Sony would be very interested in helping them with that.

For the Castlevania franchise they should release a couple metroidvanias first, if I'm not mistaken the last one from them was Order of Ecclesia and that was a very long time ago. Metroidvanias are more popular than ever now, and even Nintendo is releasing a new side scroller Metroid this month. There has never been a critically acclaimed 3D Castlevaina as far as I'm concerned so they should go first for what has been great in the past.

For Silent Hill I believe it's more complicated, I associate the franchise with weird and awesome Japanese horror, so everytime I see that a western developer I get somewhat prejudicial about it. It's a shame that we never got to see the proper game from the PT released, I hope they make great decisions for the sake of the franchise

Bonus: on the article they mention that Konami were dissappointed with the Contra: Rogue Corps critically and sales wise, I wish they would release a game like Hard Corps: Uprising with more production values, that game was awesome and had great time with a lot of friends.

I would like to know if anyone here believes more games from those franchises are welcomed for them and if they believe Konami will make good decisions for them.

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Hope that it's true! But hard to trust konami will deliver something worthy.

You had me at Castlevania.

I dont really look forward to a new MGS without the Kojima creativity, and I dunno if Konami can deliver a good Silent Hill nowadays, Im skeptical about it, but either way im glad they are not letting the ips just gather dust and die. Castlevania, tho? Im hyped for that shit.
Now if we could get them to do something with Suikoden, that'd be great.

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Konami was disappointed with how Contra Rogue Corps was received?  What did they expect from calling this Contra?

A shooter where your weapon constantly overheats and couch co-op is limited to special missions?  Rogue Corp basically went against everything the Contra franchise was known for.

Also.....the poll isn't allowing me to edit it, so if you don't mind creating a poll when you get a chance if you're still wanting one in this thread.

Honestly I would really appreciate if Konami made a proper comeback. Nowadays it's cool to shit on them but their legacy is amazing. Of course they acted very dumb in the last decade but they are slowly but steadily crawling back from the deep pit they fell into and I like it. They had a surprise success with Super Bomberman R this gen and though it may not be a game for everyone, I think it showed them that console games can still be a lucrative venture if handled properly. Contra Rogue Corps hopefully invogoratef this idea, although from the other side.

I raise my beer to those boneheads and hope that they bring back Koji Igarashi to work on Castlevania. 

I'm willing to bet they are just ports/remasters. I don't think Konami has enough manpower to make proper sequels for their flagship titles other than PES. Just look at MGS Survive or that Contra game. Porting classics is cheap, safe, and can be tasked to 3rd parties who will have the manpower needed.

Also, if they ever decide to remake the Silent Hill games, would they have to remake them from scratch? One of the reasons I heard the PS3 remaster was so bad was that they had lost most of the code.

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I hope is a classic 2D Castlevania.

Metal Gear ended with 4. 5 on top of unnecessary it was boring. Just stop.