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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Next Gen D-pads and fighting games


Which D-pad do you like?

PS5 14 56.00%
XsX 11 44.00%
I use analog sticks.... 0 0%

For those into the fighting genre, I'm curious which D-pad between PS5 and the XsX do you find better to input commands, and the overall feel for other button commands.

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I haven't used any of them but if I were to guess I'd say Playstation 5.

I play a lot of fighting games with controllers and I find Sony's controller with the separated D-pad arrows have always made my movements more accurate.

Arcade stick.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I have never liked the D-pad layout on any of the Xbox controllers, but I do like it on the Playstation controllers, it just feels right... So for platformers, fighting games etc'. I prefer a Playstation controller.
But by that same token, I have always preferred the Analogue stick layout of the Xbox controllers which I prefer for first person shooters.

Obviously I feel most at home with a keyboard and mouse though.

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As far as Tekken, the D-pad shape of Playstation controllers seems to be the only one that is actually viable for highlevel play. DualSense's D-pad retains the same shape, so I don't see that changing (although the "mushiness" does sound a bit concerning to me).

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You get used to the "separated D-pad arrows" (as V-rock called them) on the playstation side pretty quick.
Havnt played with a PS5 controller but.... its not drastically differnt from the PS4 one with the Dpad is it?

PS controllers Dpad always been good imo.

I guess PS5 d-pad would suit fighting games better than Xbox one. But I still haven't tested DualSense yet, so hard to say for sure


Hmm tough answer. I like both depending on type of fighting games.

I use DualSense for Tekken 7(PC) and SoulCalibur VI(PC) while XSX's d-pad i use it for 2D fighting games like Street Fighter collection, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Samurai Shodown, Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat 11.

Personally don’t like the separated D-Pad for fighters. Xbox’s D-Pad was pretty trash until Series X/S, now I can’t wait for a new fighting game to come out.

The DualSense has my favorite d-pad yet. Xbox has come a long way from the godawful one on the original 360, but the Series d-pad is still just okay to me.

Bought an entry level fight stick recently to try my hand at serious fighting games for a change. Took some getting used to, but it's winning me over.